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It seems that each week when I start to write the weekend update I can’t believe how it’s the weekend again! This everyone’s weeks move so fast LOL it’s a fast-paced world we live in. Luckily, with some determination and preparation, we can prioritize getting healthy and getting ripped!

Making this a priority is even more important when life gets busy. I have loved reading some Perfection Crew posts where people are getting it done no matter what. LONG – 12 hr+ days or work, big commutes, busy school schedules, any and everything could stop them – BUT IT’S NOT! They are prepared and dedicated to their goals.

Week of Hard Labor

I am wrapping up my final post for WHL: Total Body for Monday. This has been such a good change of pace! I love lifting and Sagi nailed it. This is classic Beast with all new moves, rep schemes, and I can’t wait to use it in my hybrids. Here are my reviews on the first 4 days.

Week of Hard Labor: Chest and Back Review
WHL: Core
WHL: Shoulders and Arms

Looking back on teamRIPPED from an email question…

I got some email questions this week that made me want to repost some links to my full review of the Beachbody Performance Line of Supplements. Supplements can be a HUGE help in your transformation. Beachbody has some great one, as do a lot of other companies. Make sure you read all of my opinions, but here are the cliff notes:

  • I really like Energize!
  • I really like Hydrate!
  • Recover is good, but I’m going to stick to my normal whey protein.
  • Recharge is a good casein, but I don’t like those. Never have, so I’m going to stick to my normal plan.
  • The Creatine is creatine. I would find cheaper elsewhere.

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