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Struggling happens. It can be something we see quick success with, like improving on a certain workout week to week, or it can really drag on. So don’t let the struggle stop you stop you. Focus on what you can change and find success in the struggle.

Struggle is Natural

Struggle is a natural part of life. Some of us might have had less struggle than others, but give it time and you will see that struggle is a natural part of life. Things take work! Nothing worth having is cheap or easy and there are great rewards from seeing it through the struggle.

None of that is cliche, it’s true.

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Workout Struggles

With starting a program like P90X or Insanity, there will be struggle. If you could hop into P90X Chest and Back and not struggle you are either already super fit or you’re not working hard enough! We embrace the struggle when we workout and we look to where we can improve. That is the first way to overcome struggle: FOCUS ON PROGRESS.

When you focus on progress and not keeping up with anyone else, the struggle gains value. You can see how your hard work pays off by doing more pull-ups, using heavier dumbbells, or going longer before you MAX OUT.

Nutrition Struggles

This can be a big area of struggle. But we can embrace the work again and make the most of it.

I think this starts with being a 100% honest with yourself. Track and don’t lie to yourself. When results aren’t happening, it’s so often nutrition. So don’t let that struggle beat you. Quit lying to yourself if you aren’t tracking, and start keeping a super accurate log. THEN and only then, we can work on making changing to overcome that struggle.

Winning with nutrition might be first finally getting your calories at your goal. Then we can win with getting your protein numbers in line with your overall calories. Finally we an get really dialed in and hit those macros. Then the struggle pays off and you can know how much proper nutrition pays off.


This is my big word in all of this, KEEP ON IT! PERSEVERE!!! Struggles are a given, but whether we persevere is up to us. So look to those places of victory and repeat them. Don’t get down, we all have been there. Don’t believe me? Share a struggle in a challenge group and see if you don’t get people that have been there and done it… try me!

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