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Nutrition ALL IN ONE

Nutrition Tips, Sample Diets, and More

NUTRITION is the most critical part to getting the results we are after. If you want average results, put in average effort on the nutrition. If you want AMAZING results, commit to the nutrition. Want to build muscle? You need the right nutrition to make it happen. Want to lose body fat? You need the right nutrition to make that happen too! The workouts are set for you. You just push play! But what about the other 23 hours of the day? You have to take those 23 hours just as seriously!

The purpose of this page is just to provide a “HUB” where I will link all the info you need to become a MASTER of your nutrition. I want all of teamRIPPED dialed in for success — “X”treme success!! While every workout system comes with a diet guide, I have found the P90X guide to be far superior. For those of you who have both Insanity and P90X, use the P90X guide as the basis for your nutrition. It is more comprehensive and detailed, plus it serves as the best method for developing a long-term nutrition strategy that can last you the rest of your life, no matter what fitness program you are doing.

So here’s the goods! What you need to succeed! ……

Here’s a recent Youtube video I did that summarizes my approach to nutrition and supplements, so check this out for starters =

I hope that gives you a good overview.  But that’s just the start!

Now, the link below is the P90X Excel Spreadsheet, which includes the Nutrition information you need to determine your starting point, calories, phase, and foods that fit into the categories:

Excel P90X Spreadsheet (with Nutrition and Workout sheets)

Next, you have to know how to really understand the approach to the Nutrition Guide (this is where we take what P90X has given us and we take it to the next level for Maximum results!). To do that, you need to read a couple articles I’ve written on the topic:

Dialing it In

The Nutrition Guide

Why I hate the Portion Plan

Nutrition Tracking

Round 1 Nutrition

Math Class

You also need to learn that we are after a change in BODY COMPOSITION, not just a change on the scale.  Watching the scale every day gets some people discouraged, even if they are in fact making a lot of progress.  This is because as they get fit and strong, their lean body weight (muscle) goes up, while their body fat drops.  This is exactly what we want.  That’s why it’s important to track our body fat, rather than just our weight.  We want to get rid of unwanted body fat to reveal lean, toned muscle underneath.  Here’s how to measure your body fat =


Once you understand these aspects of the nutrition and have your mind set on success, you need some sample diets to use as a template for creating your own personal diet that suits your tastes and your calorie and percentage goals. After doing multiple rounds, I’ve developed a few different diets that are great for a variety of goals. So use them as a launching point for your own plan:

Custom Calorie Calculator


My 1900 Calorie Diet

My 2 week sample log of Fat Shredder days on MyFitnessPal


My 3,000 Calorie Diet

My Bulking Diet

Once you’ve got your plan, it is critical to STAY ACCOUNTABLE!!  You can join me on MyFitnessPal to see exactly what Coach Wayne is eating every day (LOL) and hold yourself accountable to me and the rest of the group.  Learn more about MyFitnessPal by CLICKING HERE.

And once you think you’ve got your nutrition figured out, it’s also critical to get a plan for your supplements to help you maximize your results, fat loss, and muscle building.  That’s where my reviews of my FAVORITE supplements comes in:


I also have a whole section of this site dedicated to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet (Vegan):

Vegan Articles

You’ll also need to know if the plan you start off with is meeting your energy needs and helping you reach your goals:

Energy Balance



Oh, and what about cheat meals and healthy snack options? I’ve got you covered there as well!

To Cheat or Not (Cheat Meals)?

Snacking Well

Eating Out

Fat Shredder Foods

Good Carbs / Bad Carbs

And what about timing your meals in relation to your workouts? When should you take protein powder? Do you need to eat before workouts? Here’s your answers:


Protein and Fat Loss

Fueling Before Workouts

Fueling During Workouts

Eating Often

Wow, all this healthy food must end up costing a ton of money, right? Read this!

Healthy on a Budget

And then, finally, as you work on dialing in your nutrition over the course of your transformation, you may run into some obstacles, like a plateau. That’s when it’s time to switch things up a bit to keep your metabolism moving and to push toward the results you want. To research more about breaking out of plateaus, and what terms like “starvation mode” are, read these articles:

Zig Zag Diet

Maximizing Metabolism (Starvation Mode)

And then there are always some other nutrition-related topics you might be curious about:

Nutrition Tracking Tools/Equipment


Road Warrior (traveling a lot)

Shift Work (irregular sleep and work schedule)

Stubborn Belly Fat

Smaller is Stupid!

Body Fat vs. Bulking Up (Big Ripped / Small Ripped)

Loose Skin

And just when you start to feel overwhelmed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Coach Cheats!!

I hope this all-inclusive, one-stop-shop for your nutrition needs is helpful! When you aren’t sure where to find some of my nutrition tips, remember that I’ve got them all linked here at the “Nutrition All-In-One” page!

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