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Beachbody Custom Workout Hybrids

Taking the best of each program and creating a MASTERPIECE

Body Beast and MAX: 30 Hybrid

I recently got asked about how to cut BF and maintain some muscle - with programs that are on the shorter said - well ket's revisit the The teamRIPPED Beast/MAX 30 Hybrid! These are both great programs and we can definitely use both to change our goals and maximize...

All Sagi Hybrid

Last week I got asked to put together an ALL SAGI hybrid. With the release of the Week of Hard Labor, there is a new set of great workouts from Sagi! What better than to mix the new and old into an awesome muscle building hybrid. Beachbody On Demand - NEEDED This one...

Spartan Sprint Beachbody Hybrid

** Thanks again to David Jeffries for being willing to do this for us! Thanks bro! ** So we have talked about some Spartan running, we have talked about some lifting and strength, now it's time to put it all together! This is my Spartan Sprint Beachbody Hybrid! Let's...

Coach Wayne’s SUMMER BOD Challenge – Hybrid Plan

The wait is over! Time to unveil my Coach Wayne SUMMER BOD Challenge - Hybrid Plan! ***Special thanks to pgammage for catching a nasty error in Phase 3!!! The Plan for teamRIPPED's Summer BOD Challange What: 3 Month Summer Challenge Group Where: Closed Facebook Group...

22 Minute Hard Corps / Body Beast Hybrid

22 Minute Hard Corps / Body Beast Hybrid is here... Are you ready to #GETSOME and do WHATEVER IT TAKES?! I loved 22 Minute Hard Corps. I gave you my 22MHC review here. I was really impressed by what Tony could do to me in 22 minutes LOL I loved how it cut body fat and...

P90X and Body Beast Hybrid

Coach Wayne's P90X and Body Beast Hybrid is here! It's been requested and now it's time. The CLASSIC, all-around fitness maker P90X and the muscle mass packing Body Beast. Together as one! Why combine P90X and Body Beast? Outside of you asking for it, they are two of...

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