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The Beachbody Challenge is a great way to keep motivated and get rewarded even more. The best reward you can get from crushing a Beachbody program is obviously your health and fitness. But why not get a little more for your hard work?

The OLD Beachbody Challenge

It used to be that the Beachbody Challenge had a lottery for the daily winners. As long as you were on TBB and logging your workouts, you had a shot. I didn’t care for that too much.

Well over a year ago, Beachbody decided to change the Challenge a bit. One of the best ways that it changed was that the daily $500 winners would now be picked on their results / progress! That put the prizes where they belonged. In the hands of those putting in the work and earning the results!

I can’t tell you how many teamRIPPED members have now won! Those that had amazing transformations (even under the old system) have entered their results and been recognized.

How to enter the Beachbody Challenge

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Just a few winners from teamRIPPED!

First off, you need a Team Beachbody account. If you are on teamRIPPED, and I am your official coach, then you have one. If you need to sign up, click HERE. If you are having any trouble signing up for teamRIPPED, just email me at

Then simply head over to The Beachbody Challenge! That will give you a great overview of the competition. To get right to entering your results, go HERE.

The form is really self-explanatory. Just follow the steps, upload your pics, edit your stats, and submit it!

Tips on winning the BB Challenge

If you dig through the official rules of the BB Challenge you can find how they “score” entries. You will get judged on your story and stats. Most of the points are given to your story. What are they looking for:

  • Is your story inspirational? Creative? True and unique?
  • Is your story compelling? How have BB programs really impacted your life? What was your personal journey like?

Those essay questions will make up 90% of your score with the last 10% coming from your raw numbers (weight loss, muscle gain, measurements, etc). So put time into telling your story. Make sure you are being honest, but really tell them how BB has made you healthier, happier, and better!

Your results DON’T have to be from only 90 days of a single program. You can submit your overall results from all your hard work!

And if you don’t win in your first month, ENTER AGAIN! You can enter your results once a month. Keep working hard, update your info and story and keep trying!

I know we will be seeing more and more teamRIPPED members winning daily, monthly, and even quarterly prizes! Just like Bill Rogers who won $5,000! So inspiring and well deserved!!!

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***If you really want to read all the rules (maybe you are bored LOL) you can. :-)


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