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Day 3: Core – 30 Mins

Sagi gets right into it today. This is going to be a total core workout. If you’ve wanted a more dedicated core workout, you are in luck! After a quick warmup, which got my low back and shoulders really warm too, you are taken into this awesome sequence:

Superset: 2 RD

  • Plank Combo
    • In a plank, you lift one leg and move through an OUT, UP, IN, and UP progression. 6 reps and it’s tough!
  • Hanging Bent Knees
    • Circle knew raises, if you want to amp it up, do this with a straight legs.

Dipping Plank Crunch: 2 RD

  • From an elbow plank, you roll side to side to tap your hips on each side. Then you are up into a side plank wit ha crunch. This was surprisingly tough move – Sagi struggled with it too :)

Triple Set

  • Russian Twists w/ wt
  • Extension Twist – extend out each rep and back to twists
  • Extension – hold the V and then extend out your weight slo-mo with a 6 second count.

Clock Raises 2 RD

  • Light weight, various position raises from the plank! Take a look at the pic below and you will see :)

SuperSet: 2RD

  • Hanging L Raise – If you did knees up the first time, now you get full leg raises!
  • Core Combo
    • Plank side crunches into a “bucket”/hip drop from a twist.

COOLDOWN! Finally LOL All of these workouts have left me longing to cooldown. That is a good sign! These have yet to disappoint!

Keep bringing it!
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