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Are you back for more? Today was Day 2 of the Week of Hard Labor from Sagi and Beachbody On Demand. As I mentioned in the  WHL Chest and Back Post, this is a special, BOD only, week of brand new workouts from Sagi Kalev, the creator of Body Beast. Today was to be feared LOL – It’s LEG DAY!

**I think this post was scared to post LOL sorry this didn’t go up last night. I had it scheduled and it never posted! Y’all will be getting 2 WHL posts today!**

Day 2: LEGS – 44 Mins

The gear is again, just like Beast with an adjustable bench, dumbbells, and water/towel. If you can get your big dumbbells out, do it! It’s leg day and our legs are our biggest muscle group. They are strong, let’s make em stronger. Sagi hammers on Time Under Tension in this workout and it’s a killer.

The warm up Sagi takes you through gets blood pumping to your legs and your joints get a good workout too. Everything is feeling good after his fast paced workout. I really liked how dynamic it was.

Are y’all ready for the workout? This is where Sagi takes you!


  • Squat Sequence 3 RD (10 Reps Med, 8 Heavy, 6 Heavy Plus – DROP 6 Heavy)
    •  Down, Half Up, Down, and UP! This is a big rep with a partial rep in the middle. You squat down, come half way up, back down, and then explode up! Talk about a pump!
  • Squat Lunge Matrix 3 RD Light/Med Weight
    • Squat Step, Rev Luge, Squat Step, Front Lunge for 30 Seconds and then into 30 seconds Calf Raises
    • You really need to see this one, basically, you are moving in a square with the squat steps and lunges. The Calf Raises are your rest!
  • Giant Set 2 RD
    • Pistol Squat, Bulgarian Squat, Front Lunge
    • Pistols with weight huh? Yea, they didn’t happen for me either LOL That is a terrible move! Modify, I know I was! Go to a higher bench if needed.
  • Giant Set 3 RD + A Drop
    • Goblet Sumo (SLOW), Sumo (QUICK), V Stiff Leg, and Calf Raises
    • Lots of time under tension here again. Those sumos are killer.
    • The move you may not know about is the V shape stiff leg deadlift. You take a v shape with your legs, slightly spread, toes out, and do a stiff leg deadlift. Hits your hamstrings a little differently.

I was really ready for this one to be done! I went light, modified as I needed, and made sure my knees were doing ok. We’ll see in the next few days how they really feel. Sagi does a great job of keepign your focus on your form. Don’t compromise it! It’s not worth it. Be smart teamRIPPED and put in your HARD WORK!

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