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P90X terms glossary diet
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Have you ever read something on teamRIPPED and thought, “What the heck is he talking about? Is that another language?” I know from emailing with many of you, it’s easy for me to throw out terms and abbreviations you might be familiar with (yet!). Beachbody, P90X, Insanity, and fitness is general has a pretty specific and well known vocabulary. Getting to know a couple of these now can make things a lot easier when you get an email like, “Are you counting your PWO in your macros? Does it put your carb budget over?”

Deficit – eating fewer calories than you burn in a day. If you need 2400 calories to maintain weight (using the P90X formula to calculate need), then a deficit would be eating only 1800 calories. Deficits are used to lose weight and body fat.

Surplus – eating MORE calories than your body burns in day. If you again need 2400 calories to maintain, a good surplus would be 3000 calories. Surpluses are used to bulk and build muscle (gain weight).

Macro-nutrient (or macros)– the three large nutrients that we all must have to live. Protein (P), carbohydrate (C), and fat (F). Often described as a percentage of total caloric intake. P%/C%/F%

Micro-nutrients – smaller more specific nutrients you may end up tracking. Some still fall under a macro-nutrient heading. Ex: fiber, sodium, sugar, etc.

Fat Shredder – a P90X nutrition phase that describes the breakdown of macro-nutrients in your diet over a day. Specifically, Fat Shredder is 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and 20% fats.

Budgets – my term for the number of grams of each macro-nutrient you have at your specific calorie goal and nutrition plan. Ex – your protein budget for 1800 calories and Fat Shredder will be 225 grams. Spend that budget and don’t go over your overall calorie budget! :)

Dialing it In – This is a phrase I use to describe the process of tracking your nutrition precisely and adjusting calories to find YOUR actual needs and what you have to do to lose weight. The P90X formula might say you need 1800 to lose 1 lb a week, you will only know if that is actually true if you are completely honest and track for a couple weeks. This may even include looking at some of your micro-nutrients (ex. Your sources of sugar or fiber)

MyFitnessPal (MFP) – a food journal website and phone apps ( Completely free and tracks calories, macros, and many micro-nutrients. If you have an iPhone, check out MyMacros+. That is a newer but great app! I think it costs $2.99 but it’s a one time cost.

Cheating – eating foods that are not on your nutritional plan and don’t meet your goals or budgets. Ex: A huge bowl of ice cream that puts you over on carbs and fats OR even a big piece of salmon that is not accounted for and put your 15g over on fat and 30g over on protein. If your calorie goal is 1900, any food that is not accounted for and puts you over can be cheating. Obviously those foods we typically think of as “bad” will put you over more easily.

Shakeology – Beachbody’s complete nutritional shake. The most nutrient dense and healthy thing you can get, anywhere! On top of that, it’s outrageously tasty. Can you tell I like it? LOL There is no other supplement that I would recommend more than Shakeology. There’s more info on Shakeology HERE.

Pre-workout (PWO) – these are supplements designed to give you a boost of energy before a workout. Aids in energy, focus, and endurance. Many have a lot of stimulants, so be careful and know your own tolerance. Beachbody has their own PWO, a natural offering you may hear about called E&E.

Creatine – An amino acid used to help draw more fluid to your muscles. Aids in strength and recovery. Very safe and very proven. Will not affect your fat loss. A lot more info on creatine HERE.

ARX, C/B, CST, SHARMS, etc. – These are typical workout abbreviations: Ab Ripper X, Chest and Back, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, or Shoulders & Arms… figure out what program people are talking about and it is pretty easy to figure out the workout abbreviations.

BB, 21DF, 21DFX, H&C, etc. – Many of these are programs. Body Beast, 21 Day Fix and Extreme, and Hammer & Chisel.

Well, I think that is a really good start on terms that are common to teamRIPPED and Beachbody. If you have any you think I missed, throw them in the comments and we can keep this list going! BRING IT!!

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