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Many of you start with a goal of losing weight as part of your P90X / Insanity / Body Beast / 21 Day Fix transformation. Did you know that one of the most important things to consider when losing weight is how to lose the body fat without also losing muscle. We all want the scale to go down, but if we are losing lean muscle to make that happen, we are hurting ourselves. Lean muscle is attractive, gives us strength, tone, and energy, and burns more calories all day long. We don’t want to sacrifice muscle mass while losing weight.

Looking WAY back, I lost 43 lbs in 90 days during my Round 1 transformation. I was most proud of the fact that even though I lost a ton of body fat, I maintained my muscle mass! I did this by studying the nutrition and supplements, and strategically fueling my body to give my muscles what they needed for repair and growth, even at a calorie deficit.  I did this with a diet that included lots of protein and Shakeology for the wide assortment of essential nutrients.

Studies are confirming that the key to maintaining muscle is a diet high in protein! This makes perfect sense, as we know that protein fuels the muscles before and after workouts, and the fat-shredder nutrition plan is intentional about keeping protein intake high while cutting fat and carbs.

Protein is a key to fat loss and maintaining muscle!

In fact, even Beachbody posted the results of a study in which two groups of obese people were given 2 meal-replacement shakes per day as part of a weight loss plan. One of those groups was also given extra protein in their meal replacement shakes. The findings: Both groups lost equal amounts of weight, but the group taking additional protein maintained lean muscle mass while the other group lost lean muscle mass. So the protein group actually lost MORE body fat (they lost the same amount of overall weight, but did not lose any muscle).

So make sure you are getting lots of protein as you lose weight! It will help you maintain your lean muscle, keep you feeling full and satisfied, and help you lose more body fat than simply reducing calories!

Where do I start with a new Nutrition Plan high in protein?

That is a question I have been getting a lot. The first step is to start learning about nutrition tracking. You are in luck! I have been talking and teaching about nutrition tracking ever sense I started coaching! LOL I would recommend a classic post of mine, aptly named Nutrition Tracking. If you couple that post with the food list found at the end of Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss you will really be on your way!

If you’d prefer a meal plan for fat loss to start from and learn as you go, I have you covered there as well. Three options for fat loss!

Men’s 2000 Calorie Fat Loss Plan

Men’s 2400 Calorie Fat Loss Plan

Ladies’ Fat Loss Plan

I hope this answers more of your questions and helps get you dialed in for your own RIPPED results!

Coach Wayne

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