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Simple nutrition for fat loss is what everyone wants. And really, nutrition for fat loss is SIMPLE! I still get so many emails of people over-thinking nutrition. There are always people that so hung up on all the misinformation that they get trapped! It’s “paralysis by analysis” for many of them. I am going to boil it down and give the straight talk. It’s not a “secret” like some people will lead you on with… it’s simple nutrition for fat loss.

Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss Guidelines

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I will break this into sections and go into detail on each. This is really simple! So I am not going to dive into anything that extreme or that MIGHT give you marginally better results. This is the ground level we should all have.

1.) You need to track your food!

There are still people that don’t know how much they eat! They don’t even track their calories!!! It’s really tempting to think, “Well I can just eat ‘good’ food and be fine.” Or maybe you know some people that are really fit that don’t track. My question then is… Is that you? Are you really fit and have never had to track? If the answer is no, you need to track. How can you know how your body is responding to your changes in nutrition if you don’t track? Overall calories matter and your macro nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) matter. Quit thinking you are above it. Just do it! You might not have to track forever, but if you are going for fat loss, I can 100% promise you will have better, more predictable, faster, easier results if you track. So man or woman up! LOL

Tracking also means that you are measuring and weighing your portions. We all lie to ourselves without knowing at times. If you want fat loss, get a scale and some measuring cups. You then will KNOW what 8 oz of chicken really is and what 2 tbsp of PB looks like.

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 2.) Stick to whole foods.

Yes, you can track processed foods too, but whole foods make tracking for fat loss simple. You are also FAR less likely to miss out on beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Whole foods also make it easier to stay in your calorie goal. I have never heard anyone say, “Coach Wayne I totally binged on some steamed asparagus and chicken breast last night!” I have heard about binges and easily going over on all sorts of junk that pack on the calories faster than you realize!

The whole foods aren’t magical, they just make it really simple to set up a day for your goals and know exactly what you are getting. At the end of this article I will give you a SIMPLE food list for fat loss. Eating these foods will make it easy to track and hit your calorie goals and macro budgets.

3.) Be a person of routine.

If you track a few days that hit your nutrition goals perfectly, repeat them. No need to come up with 30 days of a nutrition plan. If you have a solid 7-10 days, you can really keep that going. Even having a go to breakfast or lunch can make it really easy and simple to be consistent. You might always know what you get for breakfast and lunch and then work around what your family is having for dinner. It’s the consistent daily work that adds up to victory. Make is easy on yourself by having a plan that you can repeat.

Got excuses?

4.) Cook for yourself.

This kinda goes back to whole foods, but cook for yourself. Your simple nutrition for fat loss gets really SIMPLE when you know exactly how things are prepared. You know what you put in the dish so there is no guessing. Guys, is your wife a little put off by your new nutrition plan? Well offer to make dinner! You can still do her recipes but pull out what you need. You will earn major points and she will know that you really what to achieve your goals and don’t want to burden her too much. Maintain that harmony at home :-)

5.) Have a backup plan.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” You need a backup plan for truly simple nutrition for fat loss. Do you know what you can buy at a gas station that won’t ruin your day? Do you know what you can order at a fast food joint if all else fails? Do you know what to order at your favorite restaurants so you can still go out with family and friends?

All of those are GREAT preparations to make and will save you more than you know.

Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss Foods

So here is my suggestion if you are starting out on what foods to actually buy and eat. This may seem more strict at the start, but if you are like me, you will need a BIG change from your old life.


  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Egg Whites
  • Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Lean Deli Lunch Meats
  • Beef/Turkey Jerky (no the Slimjim style… real jerky – just watch your sodium if you have high blood pressure)
  • Lean Ground Meats (beef, pork, turkey, etc – shoot for 90/10 or better)
  • Tuna
  • Salmon (track that fat)
  • Fat Free Cottage Cheese
  • FF Greek Yogurt


  • Oats
  • Beans
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Veggies, veggies, veggies
  • Some fruit – easy to pack on carbs with fruit – apples, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, melon
  • Rice
  • Whole Wheat Breads (you can find high fiber and high protein types often)
  • High fiber tortillas


  • Nuts (and nut butters)
  • Oils (moderately if you use them to prepare food – olive oil, coconut oil, etc)
  • Whole Eggs (will add to protein too)
  • Fats from some of your proteins (beef, pork, fish, etc)
  • Fish Oil Supps

What does this Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss look like in a day of meals?

My first recommendation as you start tracking is to log all your PROTEIN FIRST. You probably aren’t used to hitting 200g+ of protein. Get that protein on your log and then see what carbs and fats you can add in.


Shakeology + whey + Almond milk + 1 T PB + 1/2 Banana (put the other half in the freezer for tomorrow)

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Sandwich and sides – 2 pc bread + 8 slices deli turkey + spinach + swiss cheese slice + mustard … baby carrots + apple 

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Taco Salad – 2 cups spinach + 8 oz chicken + 1/2 cup black beans + 1/2 C fresh salsa + 1/2 avaca do

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Snacks (space as you like -NOT ONE MEAL –  I like saving something for after dinner)

Whey shake in water, hard boiled egg whites + whole egg, cottage cheese, etc

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MY TOTALS for my SIMPLE nutrition for fat loss!

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Can you see how simple that nutrition plan is? Now you can mix up the meals and get totally different days that you can repeat. I used a lot of carbs for that sandwich and maybe you will want those for another meal some time. Fine, drop the bread and do a HUGE salad for lunch. It’s really easy to hit these numbers with whole foods.

Put in the work and it will pay off! I can’t encourage you enough! Make the change for yourself!!!

Want 2 weeks of a SIMPLE NUTRITION PLAN FOR FAT LOSS? I got you covered! Check out Coach Wayne’s Fat Shredder Plan.

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