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Fat Loss Meal Plans are pretty common on teamRIPPED. What I haven’t done well up to this point, is to look at a fat loss meal plan for women!

There are two main things that go into creating a fat loss meal plan for a woman as opposed to a man. First off, they tend to have a lower calorie goal. Now we can always set a calorie goal that is very specific for you with my Calorie Calculator, but on a whole women tend to be shorter and have ideal or goal weights that are lower than a man. So a woman that might be starting at 180 pounds will have a different end goal than a man at 180#. The woman may only be 5’4″ and want to get to 130. That 50# goal is very different than the man at 180 that may only want to get to 160 (or need to get there).

The next consideration is protein intake. For men or women, I still believe and have seen over and over that you can get great results with the Fat Shredder ratios from P90X. That being said, you may need to set a slightly lower protein goal to make this more realistic. You still want to shoot for a great protein intake (1g/lb or so) to make sure you maintain your muscle and keep full. Protein, even when you might be eating more than the bare minimum, is a great macro as it burns more calories to use protein than it does carbs or fats. That is what gives it its thermogenic effect.

teamRIPPED’s Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women

So what did I do? I made a plan for someone (again, most likely a woman – no offensive if you are shorter/smaller guy) that is between 140 – 160#. We can easily add 100 calories if you are starting a little higher, or we can drop 100 calories if you are starting lower. As always, if you are working out with a longer Beachbody program like P90X, Body Beast, Insanity, etc don’t go under 1200 calories! You are just asking for trouble and a slow metabolism.

If you have tracked my other meal plans for fat shredding, you will see what this plan even has some similar meals and recipes. You can still fit in these meals and you should. I just dialed back the snacks. I have been finding that the larger meals help people a lot! You actually get full and have a good volume of food in your stomach. That helps curb cravings and keep you on track.

Contents of Coach Wayne’s 1500 Calorie Fat Loss Plan for Women

  • An intro and overview
  • Breakfast Options and Recipes
  • Lunch Options and Recipes
  • Dinner Options and Recipes
  • Bulk Cooking Options
  • Snacks
  • Week 1 Meals Plans
  • Week 2 Planning Suggestions
  • Supplement Recommendations

Download Coach Wayne’s 1500 Calorie Fat Shredding Diet Plan

I’ll just say it again, everything I do here is for you guys and gals on teamRIPPED! Take this, download it, share it just give credit back to the team. Don’t edit, copy, steal it, sell it, etc. That’s not cool LOL And share this post with people that would fit in this range. If you are a guy on teamRIPPED using my 2400 plan, download this for your wife and you two can share a lot of meals! Let me tell you, that will free you from a lot of stress. So enjoy!

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