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Fat Shredding Diet Plan at 2400 Calories! It is finally here, in an eBook!

This is part 2 of my plan to put out some meal plan eBooks for all of teamRIPPED to use. Give you some new ideas for recipes, get you into tracking, and get you results! That is always my #1 goal, get you to YOUR goals! If that is ripped, and you are starting out with a little more weight to lose, this is your plan.

What will I find in this Fat Shredding Diet Plan

You will find a plan designed for someone who is 220-250# looking to lose weight with a Beachbody program. I assume that you are working out to a BB program. So that is 5-6x a week of tough, focused workouts. I assume that your metabolism is pretty normal too. This won’t be a HUGE deficit for someone who is 220# but it will still be a deficit. You will also have plenty of food to make sure you feel great, push hard in your workouts, and protect/build muscle as you go.

You should always adjust your plan as you go. If you are not losing weight, drop some calories. And if you are losing way too fast, we can add some back. That is way tracking is important.

Can I use this 2400 Calorie Fat Shredding Plan if I weigh less than 220 pounds?

Yes, but just be realistic and track it. Some of you guys and gals may have screaming metabolisms. In this case, you might still lose plenty of weight at 2400 calories. AWESOME! Do it! But give it 2-3 weeks of tracking to know where you really are.

I think the great thing about this plan and my 2000 calorie fat shredding plan is that you can see how I scale up the portions and pick some new options for the extra calories.

Contents of Coach Wayne’s 2400 Calorie Fat Shredding Diet Plan

  • An intro and overview
  • Breakfast Options and Recipes
  • Lunch Options and Recipes
  • Dinner Options and Recipes
  • Bulk Cooking Options
  • Snacks
  • Week 1 Meals Plans
  • Week 2 Planning
  • Supplement Recommendations

Download Coach Wayne’s 2400 Calorie Fat Shredding Diet Plan

Like everything I do for teamRIPPED, this is for you! Please use, share, and bring more people into teamRIPPED. All I ask is that you respect the work I put into this. Don’t try to sell it LOL Don’t try to copy/modify it. Just use it! Get really ripped with it. Use it to create a lifestyle of health!

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