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A buddy and I working out this week :)

** Comments on the site have changed! I knew it was coming, but I lost track of the timing but LIVEFYRE is dead :( So we are working on a new commenting platform. In the meantime, I have comments opened up like they used to be. Post to me and I will personally reply. That’s what I am here for!***

How’s it going for you teamRIPPED?  How have your workouts been this week? What about nutrition? It’s the choices you make now that will pay off in a month, 2 months, and more! Put in the work now to reap the rewards later! It’s delayed gratification.

This week on teamRIPPED we touched on 2 big topics: Mindset for 90 Days of Change and Simple Fat Loss Nutrition. I know these can help a lot of people! On both fronts, it’s important to know that a little time is your friend. You can focus your mindset to change but it will take a while for it to be who you are. You will get used to Fat Shredder and a deficit. We just focus on what is more important. If you have loose skin… you lost a lot of weight! Way to go!!! If you are feeling hungry, you aren’t cheating on your nutrition plan and work towards changing those habits. Awesome!

March is a big month for a few reasons.  We are less than 90 days from June and swimsuit, summertime weather.  Now is the time to crank it up if you haven’t been.  The Perfection Crew has been working hard! Everyone is dialed in each day… or they are OUT! Their 90 day results will be awesome! You might not be able to jump in the PC right now, but you can be perfect for the next 90 days and plug in the SUMMER OF ABS Challenge. Als Beachbody has released that Beachbody On Demand Streaming service will have all the Network Bonuses added the library! So those fun Team Beachbody ONLY workouts are now yours!

Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram ( and plug into our teamRIPPED FB page for more motivation and comradery!

Finally, remember my 90 Days Until Summer post –  This isn’t a sprint.  It’s a lifestyle change.  Setting short goals is critical … like “how ripped can I get in 90 days?”, or “how ripped can I get by summer?”.  That’s wonderful.  It forces us to push ourselves to the max.  But it isn’t over at Day 90 … or at least it shouldn’t be.  That should be the launching point for a new trajectory of life.  It is hard to get on the right path, but once you are on it, STAY ON IT!!  Keep living each day with purpose.  Take care of yourself.  Take care of others.  Make it count gang!


And 2 favors that I ask:

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Keep bringing it and inspiring others to do the same gang!!

Wayne Wyatt

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