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It’s hard for me to believe too, but it’s 90 days until June and the summer of 2017! Time keep moving forward. Are you putting in the work towards your goals or letting opportunity slip on by? The SUMMER OF ABS Challenge starts today with that goal in mind – put in the work now for the rewards this summer. (So get in that group if you want this summer to be different.)

90 may seem long, but it’s SHORT

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In the grand scheme of things, 90 days of our life is really short. About a quarter of a year is all.  When we look back, we can easily see that 90 day segments of our life are really short. It seems like just yesterday we were getting the kids ready for the school year and that is well over 90 days.

Let me challenge you, it’s a matter of how badly do you want it. When I hear people say I can’t get an hour of time to workout. Or I  can’t eat this of that… it makes my head want to explode! You can’t or you WON’T? And we all know the answer… they WON’T make it happen.

They don’t really care – they may say they care but each and every one of us shows if we truly care by our actions.

Can you see that 90 days of a commitment and giving up selfish habits will be worth it for more ultimate goals? This is your life and health we are talking about! So what are you going to do about it?

So what are you going to do about it? – Are you going to give each day of the next 90 days to this goal of working out and changing what you eat? – Will you get up early to make sure you get your workout in? – Will you eat baby carrots (even though you hate baby carrots) cuz it fills you up and is easy on the macros? – Will you track and weigh your chicken you just grilled while everyone else is eating pizza? – Will you push to get that extra rep and perfect that form? – Will you get up even when everything in you wants to hit the snooze?

It’s 90 days! MAKE IT COUNT!

I can’t do it for you. You have to want this and you have to make the commitment. But I can tell you, from my own experience and the THOUSANDS I have been able to help through teamRIPPED – It is 100% worth it.

Decide that you are worth it.

Decide these next 90 days are worth it.

Decide that your future is worth it.

Let’s GO!

Coach Wayne

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