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Of course it would be really nice, and ideal, to have an incident free – full 90 days- to do a program. Realistically though, we know that’s not always the case. Sure you’ve heard the phrase “life happens.” With Spring Break and summer trips, I thought it would be good to revisit how I look at traveling and working out.

People often use it to excuse poor choices and poor planning, but there’s some truth to it. Life does happen and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been living life long enough to realize that I control more than I often want to admit to even myself. Staying on course with your program while traveling and being away from home can be either an excuse to slack off, or with a little planning and forethought it can be yet another week that you are getting closer to your goals.  It’s in your control!

Reasons We Travel

We all have many reasons we might travel — work, family matters, and even vacation. Sometimes your travel might make it easier to work out and other times it might even make it a little more challenging to work out. But there really isn’t any time that I’ve traveled where I haven’t been able to plan properly and still get my workouts in, while staying on track with my nutrition.

**Vacation – If you say, “I’m on vacation and I don’t want to work out…” that’s fine with me.  It’s your choice.  It’s not the choice I make, but you are in control of your choices.  However, when you get home and see that your weights and reps have dropped, don’t email me asking what happened and how to make up for it.  You won’t get any sympathy for me. Being on vacation is the easiest time to work out. You have a lot more free time than you would at home in your normal busy routine! I don’t see working out as a chore at all, so working out on vacation is great!  I enjoy it!


This should be obvious, BRING YOUR WORKOUTS! Then all you need is place to play your DVDs or stream them with Beachbody On Demand. Most people find it easiest just to use a laptop. If you’re going to really be roughing it, make sure to just bring your worksheets and some sort of watch so you can keep a regular pace. For printable workout sheets, check out: FREE DOWNLOADS


This will depend in large part on where you’re going. Check out your accommodations. Many hotels have a gym that will have some sort of selection of dumbbells and possibly a pull-up station. If you’re going to stay with family or friends, call ahead and they might have more gear than you think. At least ask about an open space to do some workouts in.

For resistance workouts you always have the option of packing some resistance bands. Bands will allow you to work out right in your hotel room too. Then all you need is a small space and your DVD player. Beachbody does sell a nice pull-down attachment that loops over the top hinge of the door and allows you to thread your resistance band through to do pull-up motions. You can check it out here.

Finally, you know your program. If there’s any special gear that you can bring along, bring it. Otherwise start looking at the cast members of the workouts who are performing the modified moves. You control your planning. Don’t let poor planning bring it down.

**Insanity (as well as most cardio) is really easy on the road. Any workouts that are really light on gear can be done most anywhere. Even Chest/Back or 30-15 is really easy with just a place to do pull ups.  I remember camping and doing Plyo X outside while using my laptop.  I also remember doing 30/15 (all pushups and pullups) with a beam on an outdoor ramada as my pullup bar.  You can improvise!

Nutrition On the Road

Nutrition is probably the place where most people compromise when they’re on the road. You’ve probably heard the excuse (and maybe use the excuse) that it’s really hard to eat “healthy” on the road. Yes, it may not be as easy as your wonderfully stocked healthy pantry at home, but it’s not impossible. You’ve probably already guessed it, all it takes is PLANNING.

Know where you’re going – what food options will be available for you? Are you going to a conference where they provide meals? Can you find a menu ahead of time? Do you know what restaurants you’ll go to? What grocery stores will be in the area? Will you have access to a refrigerator and microwave?

Have your standbys – pack your Shakeology, Pure Protein bars, beef jerky, almonds, apples, PB2, tuna, etc. by now you should know if you’re going to have access to a refrigerator and microwave. Pack a small cooler and bring along deli meat or even precook some chicken breasts. Don’t forget your water bottle! You can also throw in your digital scale to be really precise :-)

Supplements – you can bring these along too. Prepacking them in smaller containers or Ziploc bags is a great way to save space while packing. If you pack them in your checked baggage, I’ve never heard of airlines having any issue with supplements. Call ahead to be sure.

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Get your phone/computer ready – get ready to do some out of the ordinary tracking with MyFitnessPal. Since this most likely won’t be like your typical days, you’ll have to spend a little more time tracking your food. Make sure to hit your calorie budget first and concentrate on getting in all your protein. If your macros have to be a little off, that’s ok. Just really focus on hitting your protein budget and staying under your calorie total.


Don’t try to tell yourself that this won’t be an issue. You are out of your routine and away from home. Temptations can be a very big issue on the road. The work you do on the road is just as important as the work you do at home, so don’t let this time away set you back. Vacations can be extra tempting. They should be times to relax and have fun. You should enjoy your vacations, but if you’re in your first round and you’ve committed to your program you shouldn’t deviate from your plan. Don’t let your immediate desires outweigh your ultimate goals!

Come home a Champion!

I hope that when you arrive back home you know without a doubt that you were successful! It can be a big physical, mental, and emotional setback to just spin your wheels for a week. Take the time before you leave to plan your workouts and nutrition. Get your game plan together and live your new lifestyle even while your traveling.

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