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2018 is coming to close and it has presented us with a great opportunity. A prep week for 2018!  No matter what happened over the Holidays or what may happen on New Year’s Eve, you can start Monday, January 1, 2018 and get it done. So don’t waste this time!

Using this week as a PREP Week

I have prep weeks built into some training that the coaches on teamRIPPED do and I have used prep weeks in the Perfection Crew. That work great! It’s a short, focused time to get all the pieces in place for success.

With 2018 right around the corner, I think you should PREP for success with your fitness and nutrition! Everyone knows the New Years draws our focus to change, so let’s start just a little bit early and get set up to get RIPPED and dominate 2018!

PREP your Program or Hybrid

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If you are starting next Monday, do you know what you are going to use for a program or hybrid? If you want a new program, time would be almost too tight to order it for Monday. But you could get a Club Membership and stream On Demand for even the newest programs. Get a year of streaming and Shakeology for $160! Or do just the streaming for 1 year for $99. YOU CAN’T BEAT THIS DEAL!

But this is the important thing, GET A PLAN! Write it down! Commit 100% to seeing it through!

PREP your Nutrition

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Have you ever tracked before? If so, you know what to do. But plan ahead and get your MFP set up. Log some practice days. Look at how you are going to hit your protein and what meals away from home will look like.

If you have NEVER tracked before, I would use this week to track what you are normally eating. Learn how to use the MyFitnessPal app and just log exactly what you eat. This will show you a baseline of what you are normally eating and what you will need to change to hit your Fat Shredder macros.

Finally, get your head around Nutrition Tracking. Know how many calories protein, carbs, and fats are.. how you are going to add protein to your day, how you will limit carbs and fats, etc.

If you need a starting point, download one of my Fat Shredding Meal Plans (MaleFemaleMale (230#+))!

PREP your Schedule

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Do you have your workout time set? Does your family know that your workouts are non-negotiable? Have you committed 100% to seeing each and every day through?

Decide what time you are going to workout each day. Write it down. Tell your family. Then make it happen! Success comes from being consistent. Do it day in and day out!

Are you in?

So are you going to make the most of this week and get ready to crush 2018? Stay tuned to this week as I will be launching our BIG group for 2018.


Coach Wayne

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