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Although you’d never know it from my Day 1 pics, I actually spent a few weeks doing CrossFit at my local gym before starting P90X in February of this year.  I had heard about both CrossFit and P90X before trying either, and as someone with experience in both (albeit a lot more experience with P90X), let me give you my review of the 2 programs side-by-side:

CrossFit is great for accountability.  You have to show up at the gym.  You have a trainer.  They log your times, and everyone else gets to watch you (in my case, this was a deterrant because I was big and out of shape and it was embarrassing to finish last every time!!).  They even post your results on a webpage so everyone can log in and compare times.

P90X has a different type of accountability, which I like better.  I have the privacy to struggle in the confines of my own home, with no one staring at me or laughing as they see how many reps I could muster on the pullups.  But I have a support community through teambeachbody, or in my case teamRIPPED as well, that offers me encouragement and comradery.

CrossFit focuses on olympic style lifts like clean and jerk, overhead squats, etc.  These are technically difficult lifts, and require a lot of practice to do correctly and avoid injury.

P90X focuses on body-building lifts that are easier to execute (technically) but can target specific muscle groups for muscle development.  Again, I prefer this approach.

CrossFit requires a gym.

P90X requires a way to play a DVD.

CrossFit has no nutrition guide or supplement advice.  It’s just workouts.

P90X has a scientifically designed nutrition guide, and supplements engineered by experts to maximize results and truly transform our bodies.

CrossFit workouts often take less than 20 minutes for someone in good shape.  Add in the commute to and from the gym, and you are out about 1 hour of time in your day.

P90X workouts usually take close to 1 hour.  No commute.  All exercise!

Okay, as you can see, I am biased!  LOL!  Like I said, I did CrossFit for a few weeks, and it was HARD, but I wasn’t seeing results, and I didn’t enjoy it.  I felt awkward struggling in front of everyone else on these olympic lifts.  I thought P90X, if nothing else, would at least save me that embarrassment.  What I didn’t realize is how it would give me the complete system I needed to transform my body from what you see in Day 1 to what you see at Day 90 and Day 180!  It not only gives me workouts that I really enjoy and push me to the brink — it also has taught me the keys of nutrition and supplementation that have taken my results into a whole new world!  I love P90X!  And for the same price I was paying to do CrossFit at the gym, I can now do P90X / Insanity at home AND buy the supplements I need to get the most out of it!

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