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Like I talked about recently in my article on fueling BEFORE my workouts with some whey protein appx. 1 hour before my workout, I’ve also begun fueling my body DURING my workouts with a supplement designed especially for that.  And since I am getting a lot of questions about it, I want to do a follow up article to address it.

For the first 3 rounds of P90X that I did, the first calories or nutrients I used to put in my body were Results/Recovery formula AFTER my workout.  But since I really want to give my muscles everything they need to maximize the effort I’m putting into my workouts, fueling ahead of time with protein and then fueling during the workout is something I’ve found helps me to do that.

There are several Intra-workout (during your workout) supplements.  Many have high amounts of carbs or sugar.  I’m not interested in those.  All I want is something that will get fuel for my muscles in the form of amino acids, fast absorbing protein, and electrolytes (the things that stimulate muscle recovery and growth).  The product I like best for that is Purple Wraath.  It has 30 calories per scoop (all of it is the BCAA’s).  It’s calories all come from peptides and amino acids (which is what I want).  I use 1 scoop per workout (30 calories).  I mix it in my water bottle and sip it throughout my workout.  Any left over at the end, I dump into my Results/Recovery formula that I make afterward (the flavor is a good match for the P90X Results/Recovery formula BTW).

It costs about $30 for a tub, which will last you 2 months or more.  So it’s pretty affordable.  And you are getting good protein in your system that your muscles can use NOW!

If you are considering a supplement for using during your workouts, Purple Wraath is tough to beat.  It has been around for a while and gets great reviews.  After several months on it, I will continue to use it myself.

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