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building mass with p90x
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Building MASS with P90X – How to build mass with P90X?

As you all know, I’m giving a lot of attention this round to building mass with P90X.  I’ve been researching it quite a bit, learning as much as I can about workout techniques, nutrition, and supplementing to maximize the effects of a “clean bulk” (building muscle mass without gaining a ton of body fat).  Can a person build mass with P90X?  Absolutely!  Let’s look at how …

Things I’ve learned and am putting into practice myself this round for building mass with P90X:

  1. Tip 1 for building mass with P90X — Lots of calories = No matter how hard I workout, I won’t be building mass with P90X unless I am taking in a surplus of calories.  I want to do it right, with the right foods, so I’ve been working with a sports nutritionist friend who used to be a powerlifter, and I have developed a diet that I will be using this Round.
  2. Tip 2 for building mass with P90X — Eat often = I will be sure that I eat every 2.5 – 3 hours all day, and that at each meal / snack I get a good balance of protein and carbs to give my muscles all the fuel they need to repair and grow.
  3. Tip 3 for building mass with P90X — Creatine = Creatine allows the muscles to work harder during contraction, and it causes the muscles to volumize slightly with more fluid, which allows the muscles to recruit more nutrients for recovery after a workout.  This supplement has been studied intensely for years, and most agree that there are no detrimental side effects of using it.  Before you decide to use it yourself, do your own research though!  I will definitely use it while building mass with P90X.
  4. Tip 4 for building mass with P90X — Pre-workout = I will be using a pre-workout lift days, because it makes me feel like the Hulk!  The combination of caffeine, creatine, and arginine (which is an amino acid that causes vasodilation) will help my muscles get more blood flow and nutrients both during the workout for increased strength and endurance, as well as after the workout to speed recovery.
  5. Tip 5 for building mass with P90X — Results/Recovery = Replenishing what my muscles have lost during the workout is critical.  If I leave them depleted, they won’t grow.  I want to reload them with nutrients as quickly as possible after my workout, and R/R will do that for me.
  6. Tip 6 for building mass with P90X — Decrease cardio = Cardio that is too often or too long in duration will impede the body’s ability to build mass with P90X.  I don’t want to let my cardio conditioning fade, so I will still do 2 Insanity workouts per week, but that’s it.  The rest of the time I will either be lifting big or resting (so the muscles can grow).
  7. Tip 7 for building mass with P90X — Heavy weights = I am looking back over all my old worksheets and going UP on every weight in every exercise!  I want to fail before rep 8 on everything.  If I can get 8 reps, I will up the weight more!  I will also increase the weighted backpacks for pullups and pushups.  For pullups, it’s realistic to shoot for the 8 rep range, but on pushups I can’t get enough weight in the pack to make that possible.  I will still plan on making it impossible to do more than 15-18 pushups by weighing myself down.
  8. Tip 8 for building mass with P90X — Longer rest between sets = Since the P90X lift days are circuit-style (with nearly no rest between sets), I will make use of the pause button a few times during those DVD’s to let my heart rate drop back down.  This will allow me to push harder on each set and lift bigger!  I will typically add a total of about 10 minutes to each lift workout by taking small pauses between the sets.
  9. Tip 9 for building mass with P90X — Rest = I will make sure I get a good night’s sleep (as often as possible LOL!) because muscle growth is at it’s peak while a person sleeps.  If you are building mass with P90X, don’t forget to rest!!!

*Ultimately the proof is in the pudding, so on Day 360 we’ll see how it’s worked for me!  I hope to weigh in at 220-222, with a body fat of 7-7.5%.  That would be an increase of 12-14 total pounds, with a body fat increase of 1-2% (thus a total lean muscle mass increase of 8-10 pounds).

I hope you enjoyed these tips on building mass with P90X!  Bring it!


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