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As I prepare to leave for Las Vegas this week for the monster Summit Beachbody Coach meeting, my excitement is building.  It’s going to be an amazing 4 days with the leaders of this company and the stars of the fitness programs.  I’ll get the TOP COACH belt for the second year in a row, which is quite an amazing and humbling honor.  And I’ll get to hang out and workout with my best buddies in the world — guys I’ve met through P90X and accountability groups.

This crazy opportunity has been such a blessing to me and enabled me to do so much more with my life. Not only did I get super fit using Beachbody workout programs and supplements, but now the floodgates of opportunity have opened for me as a Beachbody coach.  I have the opportunity to help thousands of others get super fit, I’ve made some amazing friends, I’ve had some awesome trips and vacations that Beachbody has taken me on, I’ve had the privilege to be in the P90X2 workout videos and the cover of a magazine …. and on and on.  It’s quite the whirlwind!  And 3 years ago, before I started P90X, this whole thing wasn’t even on my radar.

I don’t recruit people to become coaches on my team, but when people I’m helping with health and fitness see the opportunity and want to become a coach themselves, it really fires me up.  I haven’t explained to y’all how Beachbody coaching works, so I’m going to do a 2 part series today and tomorrow to shoot you straight on what Beachbody coaching is and what it isn’t.  I hope this serves as a good reference for those of you considering it either now or later in your fitness journey.

Many of you are still in the first month or two of Round 1 of P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, etc., and focusing on the workouts and nutrition is your primary objective — as it should be!  That was my focus when I started working out with P90X in February of 2010.  Becoming a Beachbody Coach wasn’t even something I considered.  Thankfully, my coach, Josh Spencer, shared the details of the coaching opportunity with me and I decided to take the plunge as I finished my first round of P90X at the end of May, 2010.  There were 3 main reasons I decided to become a coach:

1) Built in accountability. I was nervous that after my 90 days, I would slip back into old habits and start backsliding. By committing to coaching, I knew that I had to keep Bringing It!

2) Passion for the program. After seeing the results in my own life, I realized that the Beachbody programs and supplements really do work. No gimmicks! I’m a believer in P90X, Insanity, 1-on-1’s, Body Beast, Asylum, and Shakeology. I use them daily. And if others see the change in me and want to do the same for themselves, I can think of no better way than through these products. I’m a walking advertisement! Plus, even before I started coaching, I would find myself having P90X and Shakeology conversations several times every day … not because I was approaching others about it, but because they were approaching me due to my transformation. They saw that something was working for me and they wanted whatever it was that I was doing!

3) Financial compensation. Being a coach only costs $15 per month, which I more than save on my own Shakeology purchase each month (coaches get 25% off all Beachbody products). So even if no one buys anything through me, ever, it still pays for itself just on my own Shakeology. Plus, I like to add workouts and equipment from time to time, which I save 25% on as well. Finally, if others that I coach also purchase Beachbody equipment, workouts, or supplements, I get a commission on that as well (this is how many coaches have turned Beachbody coaching into a full time job, or at least a very nice side income). But the best part about the financial compensation is that as you succeed and become coaches yourselves, I succeed more (there is a point system so that as the team grows, we all benefit). I am committed to your success because it makes me more successful. And you will then be committed to your customers’ success because it will make you more successful. It really is a win/win situation for everyone involved, as long as you are willing to put in the work to become a “product of the system” with your own fitness.

Should you consider coaching? Ask yourself the following:

  1. Are you already buying Beachbody products at full price? If so, you’ll come out ahead by being a “coach”, even if you never coach anyone but yourself!
  2. Do people ask you what you are doing? Do they notice your transformation in progress? Do you find yourself talking with others about P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, etc. on a routine basis already? Why not benefit from it when others do it based on what they see in you?
  3. Are you a believer in the products? Have you been amazed at your own progress? Being a product of the system means you don’t have to sell anything. You are simply available to answer people’s questions and encourage them to get in the game! I’ve absolutely loved getting to know many of you all, and to see your progress toward your goals. It’s really fun!

As I look back, I wish I would have signed up as a coach sooner. I might not have gotten many customers during that first round, but knowing that my “coaching career” awaited me, I might have dug even deeper toward my own transformation (because honestly, my transformation video draws tons of attention and customers, and yours will too if you push it and get some “Wow!” results of your own). Also, I would have been saving money on the supplements and workouts I already bought before becoming a coach (I paid full price for Shakeology and Results/Recovery Formula for 2 months, full price for a Pullup Bar and PowerStands, and full price for P90X, P90XPlus, Insanity, and the Tony Horton One-on-Ones) Haha! I could have saved a bundle!

One word of warning. If you want to become a coach to make a quick buck, DON’T sign up!!  People know if all you are trying to do is sell them stuff they don’t need and that you don’t even believe in. Beachbody coaches don’t “sell” anything (at least I don’t). I just tell people what worked for me, what I spend my own money on (whether it be Beachbody products or other products), and truly invest in helping others get where they want to go. That’s the way to become a successful coach, and hopefully you see that in me.

One nice thing about the group of coaches I’ve built is that we have a ton of momentum.  Our team is one of the fastest growing in all of Beachbody, and I’ve put a lot of effort into developing a step-by-step strategy for coaches to succeed.  I make the team training available to anyone on our team, and it’s been very valuable to helping coaches focus on the things that matter and sifting through the distractions that don’t.  I have a password protected website dedicated to our team training,, if you’d like to see what I’m talking about.

One question I get a lot is that if a person signs up as a coach, will they no longer be able to have me as their coach?  Of course not!  Josh Spencer was, and still is, my coach.  If I am your current coach, I will remain your coach.  The only difference is that I will not only be helping you with your health and fitness goals, but I will be helping you with your coaching goals as well.  I won’t leave you on your own!

You can Beachbody Coaching as big or as little as you want. I don’t regret at all my decision to sign up as a coach. It’s been a blast! The popularity of Beachbody workout programs continues to grow from the amazing amount of marketing Beachbody does, and it seems like people ask me about them all the time. The big boys at Beachbody have already put all the advertising dollars into this monster. All I have to do is keep Bringing It myself and be a walking advertisement! It sells itself.  It really is a great time to get on board with coaching. It’s not easy. You have to work hard at the workouts, and you have to be committed to helping your customers stay on track with motivation, answering their questions, and being available to them. It takes time and effort! But I’ve found that it’s so much fun, and as I talk with you guys, it rejuvenates me and keeps me fired up!

If you are toying with the idea of coaching, e-mail me at and simply say you want more info on Beachbody coaching.  I’d be happy to share more info with you.

Tomorrow I’ll share some nitty gritty financial info with those of you who love to know details :-)


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