You’re Not Fooling Me

Are you getting the results you want?  If you are, way to go!  You have put in the effort to lock down your workouts, your supplements, your nutrition, and your mindset for success. You can stop reading now :-)

If you aren’t getting your results, then why is that?  Are you so good at making excuses that you really believe what you are saying?  Have you fooled yourself into believing you are giving it your all but that results are just magically eluding you?  Come on!!!

Who are you trying to fool? You’re not fooling me!!!  Stop lying to yourself! Yes, you heard me! Stop lying to yourself! You may be thinking, “How am I fooling myself?” Well, if you are someone who keeps saying the following things, you are fooling yourself:

“I am eating healthy but I’m not losing any weight.”

“I am following the calorie guidelines and Coach Wayne’s advice but I’m not seeing any changes.”

“No matter what I do, I can’t lose the stubborn fat.”

“I’m doing the workouts but I’m not getting any stronger.”

“My metabolism must have just slowed down at my age and I can’t lose the weight.”

I see the above comments on P90X discussion boards all the time, and I get those emails all the time. At first, I used to think to myself, “That’s got to be frustrating.” I can’t imagine putting in all the effort into the workouts and nutrition and not seeing any changes in my body. What a bummer that would be! It would make me want to give up. And often, these people who are saying the above quotes are the ones who DO give up and stop before reaching their goals. This is tragic.

But do you know what? I’ve been having these types of discussions for a LONG while now, and almost EVERY time, as the specifics are spelled out about the person making the claim, the TRUTH comes out after a little probing. What’s the TRUTH? They ARE NOT eating right. They are NOT eating healthy, even though they’ve tricked themselves into thinking they are. They are not pushing themselves on the workouts, even if they are pushing play most of the time.  They are lying to themselves!! Let me explain:

In my opinion, ANYONE (yes ANYONE) who has extra body fat to lose WILL see that body fat start to go away if they follow the P90X nutrition guidelines. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old, male or female. If they actually do what the guide says, it WILL work. They may need to tweak the total calories down like I did, and they may need to use some of my techniques to break out of a plateau, but it WILL work … EVERY TIME! The only exception that I can see is a medical condition like hypothyroidism or other illness. Team Beachbody will even GIVE you this guide, just click the link below.


So, if it will work EVERY time, why do so many people have these frustrations about not seeing changes on the P90X diet? It’s because when they get brutally honest with themselves, despite what they say initially, they are NOT following the diet! Period! They are cheating.

Your body doesn’t care what you say …. it cares what you DO!!  You can say all the right things, but if you aren’t DOING all the right things, your body won’t change.  Period!

Usually, these people aren’t tracking what they eat.  They aren’t getting the right percentages of protein, carbs, and fats. They aren’t timing the meals properly. They are lying to themselves!  It’s really obvious to me if you lying to yourself if you email to complain about your lack of progress, and yet you never mention a calorie goal, MyFitnessPal, or your macro budgets.

Most of the time, after a little probing, they will offer up exactly what they eat each day, and usually it is very high carbs at every meal and low in protein. They will say “I just can’t eat that much protein”. Or they will say “It’s too hard to eat every 3 hours, so I don’t”. But then I discover they are grazing on their kids’ chicken nuggets and fries since they skipped their healthy snack. Or they are grossly underestimating the damage that the dressing on their salad or the oil/butter in their meat preparation is doing to their real nutrition #’s. As they spell out what they really eat, the evidence goes on and on.

My proof? Well, clearly it worked amazingly for me because I committed to NEVER cheat and to always follow the Fat Shredder % exactly, every day. How can I be sure? I tracked everything I ate. EVERYTHING! This is so important. Studies have found that people who write down what they eat will consume 1/3 less calories than people who “eat healthy” (by their own definition). When I hear someone say they aren’t following the nutrition guidelines and not tracking what they eat, but that they are “eating healthy” and “making wise food choices”, the red flags go up! This is a recipe for disaster. Do yourself a favor and commit to tracking what you eat. Plan ahead what calorie level you need based on your goals, what % you will eat of proteins, carbs, and fats, and stick to it! I promise it will work!

Want more proof? Look at my wife! She is now a die-hard Chalene Extreme follower, but during my entire first round, she didn’t workout with me hardly at all. She would do maybe 1 workout per week with me. However, by pure default she followed the nutrition plan because she eats what I eat. And guess what! She started to see a big change in her midsection during my first round, even though she was a total slacker on the workouts! (Just like they say, abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym). She wasn’t working out like I was, but she was using Shakeology and eating the foods on my fat shredder plan. It’s all about the diet. And she’s a 33 year old mother of 6 who is 5’5″ and 125 lbs. That’s about as different of a body type from me as possible, but the same principles still work!!

Still need more proof? Just look at the teamRIPPED NATION! They didn’t get there by “trying” to eat healthy, skipping meals, or complaining and feeling sorry for themselves! No they did what they had to to succeed!


So how do you start with tracking calories? Let me advise all of you who have a smart phone, get the MyFitnessPal app. Use it every day to track everything you eat. Every bite goes in there (talk about an incentive NOT to try a bite of my kids’ chicken nugget, knowing I’ll have to go through the hassle of recording it!!). I can tell you exactly what I ate any day in the last year, with calorie breakdowns of protein, carbs, and fat. It’s because I am serious about getting results. If you are serious, you’ll do the same. Otherwise, don’t make excuses for why you aren’t seeing the results you want!

If you are wanting more on tracking your nutrition, check out the article: NUTRITION TRACKING

So head over to and make an account. If you are having trouble setting it up, check out MyFitnessPal Set Up. On MFP, you can search for the nutritional info of any food you are eating, and record it. As you do this for everything you eat during the day, you can quickly look at how you are doing on %protein, %carbs, %fat, and overall calories. That way you can adjust what you eat so that you are hitting the targets for each category each day. I can’t emphasize enough how important this will be to your success with this program.

I hope y’all know I love you! But I want you to succeed, and blowing warm fuzzies at you while you justify bad eating habits isn’t going to help you! That’s why I’ve got to shoot you straight. Let me know if you are struggling in this area, or post any comments and questions. By nailing the nutrition, my results were better than most. That’s what I want for all of you who have chosen to make me your coach and join teamRIPPED!

Bring it!!

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Coach Wayne thanks for the write up. I am 5'7" and 180 lbs. I have tried eating as per Fat shredder but I get gas problems and feel bloated. I workout pretty hard and I believe my core is strong. The problem is when I workout in the mornings which I prefer, my body shivers if I didn't had carbs in the dinner last day. Is there a way to be on fat shredder and not get into those ugly gas problems and bloating issues. Please help.

CoachWayne moderator

How long have you tried Fat Shredder? More than 3 weeks? Give it time. You will adjust. You can also take in some simple carbs to help pre-workout. Even just a small apple can do a lot. 


 @CoachWayne Thanks for your reply. I have tried Fat shredder for 2 weeks and finally stopped it. I was also not eating any carbs during dinner for those days.

CoachWayne moderator

@ektha I would give it a month. Make sure you keep up on your water intake too.


Well I am 17 and have a pretty good sized metabolism so what should my deficit be?? And what do you mean by cutting?

CoachWayne moderator

 @stephentroop25 If you are 17, you really need to talk with your doctor and parents. Check out:



Hey coach I am 6'2" and 184lbs with around 14% bf. What should be my bf and weight goals if I want to build some muscle but still get good definition in my abs? Thanks for all your articles and advice.

CoachWayne moderator

 @stephentroop25 If you want abs, most guys need to get below 10% to see them and below 8% to really have them be defined. Run Fat Shredder and your deficit until you hit those goals. Use the mirror too. If you want your abs more defined, keep cutting.


Joe Bones
Joe Bones

Coach, I am on day 45 of Insanity. I was 12.9%BF on day 35 before max insanity kicked in. Weight is about 152 and height is 5' 10....Goal is to trim, lose BF and see abs. They are slightly, slightly there. Rear love handles seem to be what still need to reduce! Weekly using MFP I am running a 45% protein, 35% carb, 20% fat diet. Protein count is about 160-170g daily, sometimes more sometimes slightly less but pretty steady. Really want to see the abs by day 63. Any recommendations? Should I switch things up? Am I on track???? Thanks your blogs, articles, and site keep me motivated and reading!

CoachWayne moderator

 @Joe Bones No that sounds good. At 170g of protein, you're overall calories should put you at a nice deficit. Just go all out and dig deep! Don't cheat or deviate. Get that protein everyday and stay below your calorie target. 


Coach I'm having a hard time hitting my protein %s and I can't use any supplements such as protein shakes due to my kidney condition. I was wondering if you had any suggestions to help me?? Thanks

CoachWayne moderator

 @stephentroop25 I would think that protein from a whole food source or a supplement would have the same impact. I would be talking with your doctor about what is an acceptable total for protein (in grams). Then we can work on meeting that number. But check with your doctor first. 

EricHaan 1 Like

I had been through 5 rounds of P90X, a round each of X2, Insanity, and Asylum Vol. 1 before I decided to get on MFP and get more serious about what I thought was "healthy eating."  Since starting nutrition tracking, I have realized how carb heavy and poorly timed my eating was (even though I was generally eating healthy carbs and eating 6 times a day).  I have also done another round of Asylum Vol. 1 and am a couple weeks into an Asylum1 and 2 hybrid.  For the first time since I started these programs, I am seeing a change in my body... specifically that annoying hint of love handles is shrinking steadily and I now have a solid visible 4-pack.  I got stronger and excellent cardio endurance before... but until I started tracking and changing some things (way more protein & better timing), my body didn't show it.  


So... I agree 100%!  Thanks, Coach.  


My plan now is to shred down to super ripped and try Body Beast this summer.  Yaaaaaahhhh!

MichaelStaley 1 Like

Great Post as always Coach Wayne. I used to always think I can workout alot, even doing doubles and lose weight. There is no way around it. You have to learn to eat right. That's why I always recommend to people before they start p90x or any workout program to get their nutrition in shape. Read about it, track what you eat, and watch the results take place right before your eyes. If you don't eat right don't waste your time working out. Yes the 2 go hand in hand but its the nutrition that is going to help you get those results you are looking for.

SC1989 1 Like

Hey coach. Thanks for all the help, especially with the DIETING!!!! I was one of the individuals who thought I was on a healthy nutrition plan, but I didn't track it. MFP makes eating all of the right food easy and it also helped me hit my % targets. My results are great so far, and I can only see them getting better!!!!! Day 43 of p90x and still bringing it!!!!!!!! STILL NEED MORE PROOF?? Small typo in that segment coach. I believe you meant to say they DIDN'T get there by "trying" to eat healthy,........

Coach Al
Coach Al 1 Like

Nice post coach!

"I did everything _right_ but am not seeing any results" is the most common question/feedback I received too. People need to take responsibility and be honest to themselves. There's no other way around.

elilerma68 1 Like

I totally agree with this whole topic, because I used to be one of those that blamed my failures on everything but myself. But the truth is that you have to hold yourself accountable. Once you start pointing the finger at yourself, you will find that it is not the program that is flawed, but yourself...

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