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The P90X Nutrition Guide has a meal plan and a portion plan.  For those who don’t like the specific meals spelled out in the nutrition guide (which is most of us!!) there is the handy dandy portion plan where we can eat what we choose but fit it into the little check-boxes so that at the end of the day we have consumed the proper amounts of proteins, carbs, fats, dairy, fruits, veggies, and snacks.  Great idea, right?  Well, sure … if you want the type of good results others get with P90X.

But what if you want the absolutely jaw-dropping results that teamRIPPED peeps are getting with P90X??  Will the portion plan cut it?  NO WAY!!!

I personally can’t stand the portion plan.  It’s incredibly inaccurate, and to get max results you simply must be accurate.  Why do I call the portion plan inaccurate?  Simple!  Take this example:

Suppose I make a shake consisting of a scoop of whey protein, a scoop of Shakeology, a banana, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, and even some skim milk.  Is that shake a “snack”, a “protein”, a “fruit”, a “dairy”, a “veggie”, “carbs”, “fats”, or all 7???  Who the heck knows!!!  It’s got a little of everything!  But not a whole serving of any one thing.

Lack of Precision – The P90X Portion Plan’s Downfall

And the same goes for nearly every food — it’s not purely protein, purely fat, or purely carb.  When people who have been doing the portion plan actually spend the time to track their percentages, they often find they are WAY off of the target percentages that the guide suggests.  For instance, on the fat shredder plan, you should be getting 50% of your calories from protein.  You can follow the portion plan religiously and think you are right on, but plug your foods into a nutrition tracker like MyFitnessPal, Tap&Track, FitDay etc. and you can find that instead of 50% protein, you are at more like 35% protein (which is more in line with a phase 3 bulking diet than a fat shredder diet!)  Yikes!

So don’t ask me what category your shake should fall into unless you want an earful from me LOL!  I highly recommend putting in some effort to tracking what you eat.

Advantages to Nutrition Tracking over the P90X Portion Plan

1)  You will get MAX results, in true teamRIPPED fashion!

2)  You aren’t a slave to a meal plan or a set of boxes to check.  You can eat a variety of foods, suited to your tastes.

3)  You can learn the real habits of healthy eating that will carry over for the rest of your life instead of having to follow someone else’s diet (whether it be mine or the nutrition guide meal plan).

4)  You will know how and when to adjust your nutrition based on specific goals you have for your health and fitness.

5) You can track nutrition with ANY program. Take what you know from nutrition tracking to each new program you use.

Trust me, it takes some work at first to get used to tracking your percentages and calories, but once you’ve done it for a few weeks, it’s second nature.  I have been doing it for over 3 years now, and it’s great.  I do it in a matter of seconds, with a simple click on my iPhone app, and I know exactly where I’m at every day, any time of day, toward my daily nutrition targets.

So for those of you still trying to get results with the meal plan or P90X Portion Plan, it’s time to go beyond … into the elite level of teamRIPPED Legends!  It’s time to start nutrition tracking!  Learn all about how in these articles:

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