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What is up teamRIPPED Nation?! How are y’all doing? Sticking to the plan and crushing your goals? I hope so!

How are you better today than you were last week?

All too often we got hung up on the big change – the stunning before and after. The side by side photos that shock you. What we miss is that in between those pics is a whole lot of work! There is a lot of mini milestones like – “I got 15 more pull ups this week than last week.” “I hit my protein goal each and every day this week.” “I said NO to donuts at the office.” And the list goes on.

So let me ask you, how are you better today than last week? What did you improve on? Where did you grow and learn?

Don’t miss these mini victories cuz you are too focused on the end goal. These victories are what add up to crushing your goals!

Feeling Tight?

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It happens and for me, my chest has been sore as of late! But I was looking on TBB and came across this post. Give it a read!

TBB Chest Stretching Goodness

Go out and get it!

This is your weekend. No slip ups, no set backs, all progress. Who’s with me!?

BRING IT and keep encouraging others to do the same!
Coach Wayne

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