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November is here! This really always feels like a final push to the end of the year. For most people, it takes a few weeks of being dialed in and working hard to start seeing the changes. Give that another 4 weeks and the people around you will start noticing more and more. Where do you want to be on January 1 of 2018? Let’s make these final 2 months of 2017 count!

On that note, have you thought about your final goals for 2017? What would you like to accomplish in the less than 2 months we have in 2017? For fitness and health-related things… did you get done what you wanted to get done? Or can you look back and see places where you slipped up and could have done more? No matter who you are, or what you have done, WE CAN’T GO BACK AND CHANGE IT! Time to focus on today and tomorrow and the choices we can make NOW!

In 7 weeks, you can have brand new habits when it comes to food. You can log 42 awesome workouts (if you workout 6 days a week with 1 off). You could add about 6-10lbs if you were bulking. And you could cut 6-10 lbs of fat with some dialed in deficits. TONS can be accomplished in 7 weeks but it has to start now. With each week that passes you will miss even more opportunity. Will you commit to me and teamRIPPED to BRING IT for the rest of 2017?! Will you commit to logging your food? Not going crazy over the holidays? Doing WHATEVER IT TAKES? Y’all got me fired up!! Let’s do it!!! 

This week on TR

Did you get to read about WHINY PEOPLE? How about you? Are you one to complain about what’s going on around you, or do you make it happen? Complaining does nothing but keep you trapped where you are. Get up and get on with it!  Be the kind of person that takes charge!

Make it a great weekend teamRIPPED! As always, I am here for you. So email me, comment, catch me on FB!

And 2 favors that I ask:

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Keep bringing it and inspiring others to do the same gang!!

Coach Wayne


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