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Do you ever run across people that are just whiny? All they can do is complain! Nothing is ever good enough. Everything is always wrong. 99 times out of 100 it’s someone else’s fault too. It’s horrible!

What about you? Do you have a tendency to complain? Being really honest, do you think the tough things in your life are all someone else’s fault? When someone asks you “how are you doing?” Is that opening up a laundry list of what wrong, tough, difficult right now?

I’ll just open this up right now. I hear people whine. I see people whine online. It’s a problem.

Why Whining is Bad for You

The biggest reason whining is bad for you is that it stops action. When has whining to someone else about this or that ever made the situation better? It hasn’t! We like to waste all this energy sharing our woes and concerns with someone else, just hoping that they might sympathize with us. Sure feels good for second, but are you any better off in the end?

Whining becomes an addictive habit too. You become so focused on making other people understand why your life is tough, that again you never take any action to actually make it better. You tend to get really shortsighted. You can’t see the solutions to your own problems because you’ve made your problems and talking about them your highest priority.

How to fix it?

Let’s first be really honest with ourselves. Are we prone to whine and complain? If so, we need to make sure that we get our act together. Is there anything worse a hypocrite? LOL

The best way to deal with whining that I know of is to ask a simple question (to yourself or the other person). So what are you going to do about it? That can stop whining in an instant. If people can’t take some of their whining energy and look for a solution, then I don’t want to hear about it. Everyone’s life is tough. Everyone has things they wish they didn’t have to do. Everyone is busy. Boo hoo get over it!

But if you share with me something that’s a challenge right now with the goal of finding a solution to work towards, I’m all ears! I want to help people find solutions. That’s why I love coaching. I get to be a sounding board and offer advice on how to get to a solution. It’s the best job ever!

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Just a couple teamRIPPED Examples of Whining

“Coach Wayne, eating healthy is just too expensive. I just can’t do it.”

Nope, you can. Almost every person that has said this no me was wasting money somewhere. Do you have cable? Do you buy the new iPhone the day it is released? Do you regularly eat out? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you play video games? Once we free up some of your cash, I can help you find the cheapest ways to hit your macros!

Better statement – “Coach Wayne, eating healthy is expensive. Can you help me find out how I can make it work?” See the difference!?

“Coach Wayne I keep missing workouts. The kids are up early, when I get home from work I am tired, when the kids go down it’s too late.” 

No. Stop. That is whining. Everyone with kids has had this happen. Who’s the adult here? If you know you are too tired late in the evening, get up earlier! Yes, you may need to go to bed right after your kids, but you can do it. You just have to make it a priority. Again, you are the adult. When they get up too early, it’s not all about them time. You don’t stop to make them breakfast. You don’t cater to their every need for entertainment!

This is adult time, you are up too early, so you will have to wait until I am done with my workout. You can gladly go back to bed if you want to! Don’t back down, mean it and do it.

Better statement – “Coach Wayne, I can’t get consistent with my workouts in the morning. What have you done with your 6 kids to get them in during the morning?” See the difference!?

So what will be your choice today? Will you stop whining?

It always comes down to our attitudes and actions. We control those. So are you going to look for solutions? I’m here to help. Just don’t whine about it ;-)


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