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Happy Friday teamRIPPED! As you are reading this, I am driving to a little end of summer vacation with my family. I am so excited to get a little R&R with my wife and kids! How are your summers wrapping up? Ready to send the kids back to school?

As I mentioned last week, this time of year always makes me get my mind right for fitness. It becomes far too easy to slip a little and get a little sloppy with my nutrition. It’s always the same story, as it gets colder – more baggy clothes come out! And honestly, some tasty/fattening home cooking comes out too LOL I think it is just Fall and Football that does it for me.

Thankfully, I have built a routine and lifestyle that doesn’t let me go off the deep end like I used to. But that doesn’t mean I want to be OK with being OK. No, I want to push too.

So that brings me to our next upcoming challenge…


That’s right… you have asked for it, I am ramping up a new Perfection Crew. It will be like in the past:

  • 90 days
  • No missed workouts
  • Track your food each day (to within +/-100 calories of your goal)
  • POST IN OUR GOOGLE FORM each day telling what you did and your calories/macros
  • Get teamRIPPED HOF worthy results!

Beyond that, I’m not requiring anything. You show up, you do the work, be held accountable, and get ripped! Are you in? Will you crush this FALL with me???

Come back to TR on Monday for the FULL write up on the FALL INTO PERFECTION Challenge. I have all the exact dates and everything spelled out. You don’t want to miss this one!

Whatever you have ahead this weekend, make it a great one! Crush some awesome workouts, stick to your nutrition plans, and enjoy those around you. Live well TR!

Coach Wayne

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