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How is teamRIPPED doing?! Another week crushing your goals?

Ready to give it up for Braulio from the TR17 Battle Together group?! Check out these ongoing results! “Wayne Wyatt … I started with 34.5% body fat; down to 25% bodyfat now. My goal is 185lbs with 10% bodyfat by September (and then to keep it!!!)

How did you like the post on BELIEF? Can you see how what you tell yourself and your belief has way more to do with your success than what you think your potential is? Get it right in your mind: You can do this! You will do this! Let that roll into action and see the results that come from your hard work. Those results just build and reinforce your belief… it’s an awesome cycle!

I also got to post again on eating out. Y’all know that can be tough. It doesn’t have to stop you though. Pre-tracking your day to save calories (from mainly carbs and fats) is such a great way to fit in a special meal. You just have to be prepared and stick to your plan. In my experience, most of the time it’s worth it. But don’t think food will make you happy (that was what I used to think too). Sometimes that big meal won’t taste as good as your remember, it won’t hit the stop, it may be a letdown. Shake it off and remember it’s the people you have special events, holidays, etc with that matter. Food is a gift, enjoy it but it’s not the source of your joy.

New Shakeology Samplers!

Y’all know I love Shakeology. I have it every day – keeps me full, healthy, and running on all cylinders. I also know it is an investment most people want to think about before they jump in (even with that 100% money back – empty bag – guarantee…) so a great way to do that is a SAMPLER pack.

Each Shakeology Sampler comes with a Shakeology Welcome Guide plus Shakeology Recipes, Tips & Tricks.  There are two Shakeology Sampler options: the Sampler and the Vegan Sampler. Each give you 1 of each flavor to try. This is awesome for seeing what you like and what you don’t like. The one I recommend is the regular SAMPLER Pack (unless you have an issue with whey). This contains 1 of each Shakeology flavor: 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Café Latte, 1 Strawberry and 1 Greenberry. This runs ~$25 and the vegan has only 4 flavors and is ~$20. Check em out below!

Shakeology Sampler (REG)

Shakeology Sampler (Vegan)

Each day adds to your progress…

Don’t forget this in the midst of your hard work. You are building a long running, consistent average. So every day on track, with your workout, is moving you closer to your end goals. Know I would give you a big high five if we were hanging out and you showed me your MFP log on point, told me you crushed Chest and Back, and drank that water. That is a WIN! Feel proud of that and then do it again… Momentum will quickly be on your side!

Bring it TR! And keep inspiring others to do the same!

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