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Time to get our minds right for what we are trying to accomplish! I had one of those rabbit hole Facebook experiences where some friend liked and commented on a post and it ended up on my news feed. The video looked interesting, so I watched it. Then had to go to the page and figure out who this guy was.

The coach/speaker in the video is a guy by the name of Ben Bergeron. He appears to be a big CrossFit Coach and there were some CF athletes on his page I knew of (Matt Fraser, Annie Thorisdottir….). He is definitely full of knowledge! The video on watched was around the point “Are you putting too much emphasis on potential?”

This is the diagram that Ben talks over, and it really got me thinking – this is where we need to focus too.

This circular system feeds itself. Your God given potential initially leads to some action. The action produces some results and then those results build into our beliefs. Those beliefs impact what we think about our potential.

This is why successful people continue to be more successful. They know they have some potential (they start with some belief in themselves), their actions and results reinforce that belief that we can be successful. Those people feed off this cycle and get better and better.

Take the flip side, if you don’t have a strong belief – belief in your potential – it leads to half efforts and actions, half results, and no reinforcing positive belief. Actually, in most cases, you get a reinforced negative belief about you, your potential, and what you can accomplish. “I can never lose weight. I will just gain it all back again. Working out doesn’t do the same for me. I can’t gain muscle…”

What I want you to do, and what Ben focuses on, is to dive into that belief. YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t spend time thinking about potential. I have helped countless people on teamRIPPED that in many eyes had no potential – no glory days to look back on and know that they can do it, no previous experience – and the experience they had has been negative. These people changed their minds first and started with the belief that they can do it. Each and every person HAS POTENTIAL!

This led to 100% effort in their actions, they got and saw results, and that reinforced their beliefs. This goes full circles and they shaped their belief of their potential! And we are at the beginning of new efforts, greater results, and more belief. It’s awesome!

So if you are lacking some belief – think you are low on potential – let me tell you, YOU HAVE LOADS OF POTENTIAL! Time to finally trust it and put it into action. Believe me, put in the action, you will get the results, and you will build awesome belief in who you are and what you can do!

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