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Sunday…. January 1… there will be commitments made. Promises to get healthy. Motivation will be high. Workouts will be completed. New foods will be eaten.

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If you are preparing for battle this New Year, let’s go into it ready to win! Leave no doubt in your mind – YOU WILL COMPLETE YOUR PROGRAM! YOU WILL GET RESULTS! YOU WILL GET RIPPED! No thoughts of last time or the time before when it didn’t work. You are teamRIPPEDYou have a coach that is here to answer every question. You have joined our Challenge Group – TR17 Battle Together! You are ready.

From someone who has been there and done it… someone who has helped thousands that have been there too. Hundreds that have had results so good they’ve won hundreds and thousands of dollars from Beachbody… listen up!

It will not be all roses! There will be days when the buzz of the alarm clock causes you physical anguish as your body aches rolling over to check the time. There will be days where the thought of another water and whey protein shake makes you want to give up. Days when your life gets out of control and you can stand the thought of pushing play. All of those days and more are coming…

BUT there is hope!

If you can tell your mind to shut up – as you silence your alarm and get up from bed. If you can say “No thank you” to the snacks in the office as you down that shake. And if you can tell yourself “I made a promise, I have to push play today.” and just do it! Then you will win.

You will win more than just these next 90 days, you will win in so many new ways in life. Dedication breeds more dedication. You will become the kind of person people envy. They guy or gal that they look at and think “Woah, when Bill says he’s going to do something he does it!” “Ask Jenny, she always loves and challenge and gets it done!” You will be more dedicated to being your best in all areas of your life – marriage, family, friends, work, school, church…

So get ready but more importantly, get committed. Committed people don’t stop when a little something doesn’t go their way. Committed people don’t give up when they get knocked down. Committed people keep coming back. Time and time again. Getting stronger, getting better, getting tougher.

I’m here with you teamRIPPED! We are going to do great things in 2017. Send me your before pics – make that commitment and I can’t wait to be floored by your results in 90 days!

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This is what I do. I help people get results and use my experience and the experience of thousands of teamRIPPED members to do it. I have been there and done it! My help costs you $0... NOTHING! So try me. Send me and email or message me on Facebook. I am here to help! All you have to do is sign up below and you will be part of teamRIPPED!

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