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Another week and we are into February teamRIPPED! Everyone that started at the New Year should have some day 30 pics to take.

Pictures always tell the true story in weight loss transformations!

There are lots of “measures” we should use on our weight loss and fitness journeys. No, I am not one of those people that say “throw out the scale.” I’m sorry, that is stupid! Should your life revolve around the scale? Not at all, but it is a good tool to use to measure progress. Let’s look at some of these tools.

The Scale and Fat Loss

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It is the standard. Your weight. When on a real deficit (-500 or so calories), you should be losing overall weight. Plain and simple. If you have 20-30# to lose, you will lose weight if you have the proper deficit set up.

If you only have 5# to lose, that becomes more challenging to measure with a scale. You will have daily fluctuations that can easily cover 5#. So don’t get too worked up if you “gain” weight one day or so. It can easily be water, stress, sodium intake, etc.

How to best use the scale: Always take your weight in the morning, right after getting up, and after you use the restroom. That will be the most consistent.

Also, track trends. I picked this up from a fellow coach Lance Lyell, but if you record each day, look for your weekly LOW. Each week your lowest weight should be going down. That means some days will be higher but the trend is going down.

Body Fat Calipers

This is my favorite. I couldn’t care less about my overall weight most of the time as long as my BF is doing what I want. If I am cutting, I want my BF to go down. So learn how to take your BF% with some cheap calipers. Check this post out for a lot more: Measuring Your Body Fat

Electronic BF tools (like ones built into your scale) have a lot of variance! So don’t rely on them for anything other than maybe a weak trend. 

Athletic Performance

Another good measure if performance. Are you getting better? More reps? More weight? Less rest? Keep track and record your workouts!

Clothes and Pictures!

Easy to overlook but don’t! How are your clothes fitting? Are they getting looser? Do shirts fit better? Great things to track.

And for your progress pics. Put Day 1 next to Day 30. You should definitely see real changes over 30 days! Send them to me if you want another person’s opinion and I will point out what I see.

All in all, USE ALL THESE FORMS OF MEASUREMENT to track your success!

Man that was less of a Weekend Update and more of a post on progress LOL Y’all are getting me fired up by what I see in the Challenge Groups! Don’t let off the gas and reach out when you need help. I am here to get you to your goals!


Coach Wayne


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