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I lost nearly 25 lbs. during my first month of P90X. I only lost another 8 lbs. the entire second month. And the final month I lost over 10 lbs again. Ironically, even though my month 2 weight loss was the slowest, I actually lost almost as much body fat during month 2 as I did in month 1 when I lost 25 lbs — due mostly to figuring out which supplements helped me fuel muscle growth while still shedding body fat (whey protein, Shakeology, Results Recovery formula, creatine, glutamine, and a pre-workout).

Why the big fluctuations? It’s the body’s natural response to the workouts, nutrition, and supplements.

So many times I get emails from people who are frustrated because they aren’t losing weight as fast this week or this month as they were last week or last month. Or perhaps they are in the first couple weeks and the weight loss hasn’t even started yet. I always encourage them to just stay focused on doing the right things each day, and not get too worried about the fluctuations. Inevitably, if they will press on, I get a great report after a couple weeks that things picked up again and they are closer to their goal.

Remember gang, we can’t make RESULTS happen. We don’t control results. We control what we eat, what supplements we take, how much sleep we get, and how hard we push on the workouts. Focus on those things, not the scale. If you are taking care of the things you can control, the results WILL follow. But not necessarily on a smooth curve. You’ll have weeks with big changes, and weeks with small changes. That’s part of it. Don’t let the small changes discourage you! Every day, tell yourself that you are going to do what you need to do that day to put yourself closer to your goal.

It may take you longer than 90 days to reach your goal. Guess what? That’s perfectly fine! This isn’t a sprint gang. It’s a marathon! We are doing the “fitness” thing for life! Not for 90 days! It took all of us a lot longer than 90 days to get out of shape. Why do we feel like we fail if we can’t undo years of bad decisions in 90 days? It’s silly if you think about it!

So whether you lose weight fast or slow, in spurts or steady, just stay focused on your goals. Stay positive. Seek motivation from us if you need it! That’s what I’m here for, and that’s what teamRIPPED is about!! Just promise that you WON’T give up, and you WON’T give in! Don’t listen to that little voice inside you that says “You can’t do it”!!  That little voice is wrong!  You are a champion, and you will prove it!  You’ve got goals and you are going after them!

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