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For those of you in the habit of working out and eating right EVERY DAY, let me pose a dare to you!

Go a week without working out, and promise yourself that you will eat junk food every day. Then, after 1 week, try to pick right back up where you are now, eating right and working out EVERY DAY. Do you want to take that dare? If you are smart, you’ll say, “NO WAY!!” And why? Because you know this is a game of momentum, and if you have a bad week (or a bad weekend, etc.) it can start a snowball effect in a hurry!

Story Time with Coach Wayne

I have a very good friend and neighbor who was so gung ho to do P90X after seeing my results. He did AWESOME for the first 7 weeks. Then he took a family vacation to Disney World. I warned him not to let himself slip up because it would be very hard to regain his momentum after a binge week. He left with good intentions, but that nasty snowball started while he was in Disney — some dessert here, a fatty snack there. By the time he got back, he hadn’t worked out in several days, and he had let his diet go. He was sure he could get back on track though because he was committed to this. Well, that was nearly a year ago, and he’s still trapped under the avalanche that started on his Disney trip.  When I see him, I try to encourage and motivate him, but it’s so much harder to RE-START than it was to start the first time.

That’s why I hate cheat meals – cheat days – cheat weeks…

That’s why I think never skipping a workout is so important.

Momentum: Build it. Keep it!

What is the key to momentum?  What’s the key to avoiding that negative snowball from rolling you up in an avalanche of failure?  Momentum is IN YOUR HEAD!  It’s real, it’s powerful, but it’s in your head!  There is no reason that it’s truly “easier” for me to eat right and workout today than it is for anyone else.  But I’ve got years worth of momentum going for me, and every time I make a decision to reinforce that momentum, it gets stronger.  Every time I make a decision to undermine that momentum, it weakens my momentum.

Are you riding the wave of momentum with your fitness?  I set the tone early with my transformation and gained a ton of momentum with losing body fat, gaining strength, gaining energy and a developing a new outlook on what I was capable of.  And I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING seize that momentum from me.  No cheat meal!  No naysayer would knock me down.  No scheduling conflict was going to ruin my momentum.  I rode the wave all the way to an amazing transformation.  And I’m still riding it!

The same is true of my Beachbody coaching.  I have dreamed big from the start, set myself up for success, and now the momentum is steamrolling!  teamRIPPED is the most successful group of P90X / Insanity / Body Beast / Beachbody enthusiasts on the planet because our momentum is swelling.  It’s a whole lot easier to keep the momentum that to get it back after losing it.  That’s why I refuse to let it go!

And while momentum, both for you and against you, is in your head, you can develop strategies to help you gain the momentum and keep it.  Is the nutrition the area you struggle with? Then do the things you need to do in order to get momentum on your side with your nutrition!  Have you committed to tracking everything you eat and researching what’s in the stuff you eat?  YOU NEED TO!  Come to the “Nutrition Central” tab at the top of the screen to learn how you can win with your nutrition!

Is sticking to the workouts without skipping them your area of struggle? Then do what you need to do in order to seize momentum with your workout schedule!  Have you sat down and developed a daily schedule that will prioritize your workout EVERY DAY?  YOU NEED TO!  If you don’t have open time in the afternoon or evening, have you made the commitment to waking up an hour earlier so that you know you’ll get it done?  If you just hope to work it in during the day, don’t expect the momentum to stick around long!

If you’ve lost the momentum, it’s not too late.  If you’ve fallen out of the workout routine, out of the diet, and are paddling against the current, DON”T GIVE UP!  Do something extreme!  Make that big play to get the momentum back!  Write down your commitment to yourself of how you will do it, tell as many people as you can to hold you to it, and go all-in!  Get “Mo” on your side!  And if you are on a roll, don’t get complacent!  Do everything you can to keep the momentum going!!  That snowball can sneak up on you in a hurry if you aren’t careful!

Bring it!
Coach Wayne

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