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Two of the most common questions I get about Shakeology are:

“What can I use as a substitute for Shakeology?”


“Why is it so expensive?”

These are good questions.  As you know, I always try to give you all my honest feedback on every product, whether good or bad.  I’m not trying to sell y’all on products that I don’t use and spend my own money on.  With that said, let me answer these most commonly asked questions about Shakeology.

Q= What can I use as a substitute for Shakeology?

A= Nothing.  There really is nothing at all on the market today that is a substitute for, or even a comparison to, Shakeology.  If there was, I’d be the first to talk about it.  I am happy to compare beachbody products to store-bought products and look at cost, ingredients, effectiveness, etc.  But there isn’t a product like Shakeology offered anywhere else.  So the simple answer to the question of substituting something else for Shakeology, there isn’t an option other than the real thing.

This always leads to a variation of the second question, COST!  And believe me, I had the same question myself!

Q= Why is Shakeology so expensive?/ Is Shakeology worth the cost?/ What is in it that makes it worth $120?/ etc.

A= When I answer this, you’ve got to remember that I’m not a Shakeology pusher.  I’m simply a firm believer in the product as someone who used it myself as a customer during my own transformation, and now as a coach.  With that said, let’s look at Shakeology from a cost perspective:

Shakeology costs $120 for a 1 month supply if you are a customer.  It’s $89 if you are a coach.  So for me, it’s about twice as much as a tub of whey protein powder.  If you aren’t a coach, it’s more like 3 times as much.  But is it fair to think of Shakeology as a protein powder?  Not at all.  That’s like comparing a house to wood.  I would expect to pay much more for a house than for wood, because wood is just one of the hundreds of parts, all put together, to make a house.  Shakeology is like the house.  Whey protein is like wood.  Whey protein is great, but Shakeology has hundreds (literally hundreds) of ingredients in addition to whey protein, all put together in the right amounts and combinations, to give us the best possible way to fuel our body each day.  So I would EXPECT to pay a good bit more for Shakeology than whey protein.

Secondly, I see the misconception that Shakeology is going to ADD $120 (or $89) to your monthly expenses if you use it.  This isn’t true at all.  In my case, I don’t spend $89 MORE each month because I use Shakeology.  I simply re-allocate what I was already spending each month to buy food/supplements and spend it on Shakeology INSTEAD of whatever else I was spending my money on.

Look at it this way — we all spend money each month on stuff to put in our mouths.  What would we trade in order to be putting Shakeology in our mouths? For me, I traded so many things in that I actually SAVE a ton of money now compared to the habits I had before starting P90X and Shakeology.  For example:

1)  How many times per week/month do you eat lunch out?  I ate out at least 4 times per week.  Simply trading that expense for taking a sack lunch can re-allocate enough to buy Shakeology and not spend anymore $$ per month.

2) How often do you get Starbucks?  Will you trade coffee for Shakeology for 1 month and see what it does for your health?

3) How often do you zip into the convenience store for a candy bar and a pop?  That was a daily (at least) occurrance for me before P90X, and by giving up that I save way more per month than I spend on Shakeology! LOL!

4)  How much do you spend on your combination of whey protein, multivitamins, etc. per month already?  By the time you add it up, you may be spending close to the amount you’d spend on Shakeology and not even getting nearly as much benefit as you would from Shakeology, which has not only the protein and vitamins, but fruit and vegetable blends from around the world that would simply be impossible to find even if you had all day to look for them.

So, do I sound like a Shakeology salesman?  Yeah, I do … I know!  But I’m not ashamed of that because I really believe it’s the single best thing I use to fuel my body each and every day.  I started using it during my transformation as a meal replacement.  I was on a strict diet, and I did not want my body to miss anything it needed to run at 100%.  With Shakeology, I knew I was giving myself exactly what it needed every day.  Now that I’ve upped my calories for Round 2 and 3, I use Shakeology not as a meal replacement, but as a meal enhancement.  I eat it along with my breakfast every day.  I can’t go a day without it!  Don’t mess with Daddy’s Shakeology!! LOL!

I have come to realize that taking care of my body with exercise, nutrition, and supplements doesn’t require MORE time and money.  It just requires RE-ALLOCATING my time and money from what I was doing before.  I’ve traded an hour of watching TV for an hour of working out.  I’ve traded lunch at fast food restaurants for healthy choices from the grocery store.  I’ve traded convenience store pop/candy for Shakeology and supplements.  I’ve traded a pantry full of junk food for fruits and veggies to snack on.  It’s easy to say I can’t afford healthy food, or to say I can’t afford good supplements, or to say I don’t have time to exercise.  I say re-allocate the way you are spending your time and money to give yourself the best chance at success.

To learn more about Shakeology, read my review and the product specifications here.  You can also watch my Shakeology YouTube video here.

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