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Usually I get my blog topic ideas from questions I get asked via email on as comments to my other blog posts, and I guess y’all are just dying to know the answer to the question:

“When will I start seeing results?”, or “When did you start seeing results?”

It must be time to blog about that, because I literally feel like I’ve answered the same email 200 times this week! LOL!

First, you must remember that we are all starting at a different place.  And usually, the people asking me this question are in their first month of the X and not sure what they should be seeing so far.  They want to make sure they are on the right track, and they want to compare what they are noticing to what I experienced.  I get that! 

But my experiences may be very different from yours.  That doesn’t mean you are doing anything right or wrong, but that our bodies are moving from a starting point that may be very different, on a trajectory toward our goals, which we may reach at different rates.

The first month is a shock to the system … literally.  Some drop weight instantly due to the nutritional changes.  Some actually gain a few pounds due to water retention and swelling in the muscles from the workouts.  Some get excrutiatingly sore.  Others don’t.  Some are beat-down tired.  Others want to do extra cardio every day to get to their goals faster.

We are all different!  And that’s great!  That’s fine!  The one thing I can guarantee all of you is that if you do the right things (follow the nutrition 100% and track what you eat to be sure, push play and bring it every day, and supplement correctly), you WILL maximize your progress, you WILL maximize your results, and you WILL get to your goals.

Now, with that said, let me tell you my story (since everyone is dying to compare their progress to mine!):

My Day 1, Day 30, Day 60, and Day 90 progress pics

I lost a lot of weight at first (nearly 20 lbs in the first month).  I didn’t feel so much like I got stronger or more ripped, but I started to shrink in the middle.  No abs or anthing.  Just fat melting away.  I was tired by the end of the day and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to do any extra cardio or anything.  I would feel a little hungry, but I was diligent on the eating plan and fed myself smartly every 2.5-3 hours so I never felt famished.

The second month, I started to level off a lot on the weight loss (only lost about 8 lbs) even though I didn’t change anything on the diet.  I started getting stronger though.  I was starting to see some abs (barely) and veins in my arms.  I was encouraged to see the changes even though the weight wasn’t dropping as fast. 

The final month, I felt like my body was ready to really go to the next level.  The workouts weren’t as brutal as they were at first.  I was getting all the Ab Ripper exercises — all 25 reps.  I could do some unassisted pullups.  The abs were starting to show more.  And I actually started to lose weight a little faster again.  The third month I lost nearly 15 pounds, finished looking and feeling slightly ripped, and was proud of what I’d accomplished in 90 days. 

Will this be your story?  Probably not.  Yours may be similar or completely different.  But we can all get to our goals if we keep Bringing it!  Go all in gang! 

And remember, just because you aren’t at your goal by Day 90 doesn’t mean you can’t keep going!

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