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What do you do the day after a weekend of failing your diet? How do you make it right again? Did you screw everything up? Should you just start over? Are you dreading this weekend?

Dealing with Diet Regret

Don't be this guy...
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Don’t be this guy…

Let’s deal with this first. Regret and guilt are no fun. They can be really harmful and cause you to lose more ground too! So right away, let’s give them the space they need but nothing more.

If you totally blew your diet this weekend, that does stink. You let yourself down, your own commitment, and set yourself back. But DON’T OVERTHINK IT! If you are able to learn from this mistake and take it in stride, you will be back rollin’ in no time. The time you lost will be 100x worse if you dwell on it and stay off the wagon. Jump right back into it! Let the past be the past and move on.

If you are taking it hard today, read this on Guilt.

How to Recover Your Momentum

Binging hurt a lot, not only from the excess calories, but also the mental games it plays. Like I already said, don’t live in the past. You want to get right back to things!

You don’t have to “punish” yourself with double or triple workouts, but do hit your workouts hard! Use those calories for some good.

You DON’T (and shouldn’t) “punish” yourself with an extreme swing nutritionally. You don’t need to fast for 2 days to make up for the 6,000 calories you ate. Just get right back to tracking! I have seen over and over again the most success with people finding nutritional styles that fit their lifestyle. So track and see how you can work in those holiday foods while still hitting your macros. Or if you know that you can’t handle having a small serving of ice cream, don’t have any at all. But be honest with yourself and focus on winning the next time!

Finally, start your plan for next time. That focus on winning next time needs to start now. How will you track? What will you avoid? What foods can you bring that are easy to fit in your macros? All those are great plans for success!

One Day or Weekend Does Not Define You

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Just like none of us got terribly out of shape in one day, one weekend of poor nutritional choices won’t undo months of hard work. You probably will see a few pounds on the scale, but they will come off. Focus on winning today, tomorrow, and the next day. Focus on new habits and lifestyle changes. You got this teamRIPPED!

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