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One huge aspect to experiencing the best results with any Beachbody program is good record keeping. You will never be sure of what you did or what you accomplished if you don’t keep good, accurate records. The greatest success I have had in my journey has always been when I’ve been 100% dedicated to three area of record keeping: Workouts, Nutrition, and Measurements.

Record Keeping for Workouts

This may seem like an easy one to nail, but keeping good records of your workouts is crucial to your success. Classic P90X Tony hits it on the head, “How do you know what to do  if you don’t know what you did?” And that is exactly it! You need to push yourself each and every time you workout. Going through the motions won’t cut it. If you don’t accurately record your reps and weights, how will you know what to do next time?

I make it my goal to up my weights or reps each time I do a workout. If I had been able to make it to 10 reps on a certain move, I up the weights. If was only in the 7-8 rep range, I work at getting to 10 for that amount of weight. I can only do this because I write everything down.

Check out my DOWNLOADS for printable workout sheets.

Recording Nutrition

Right here can be the total deal breaker! If you don’t take recording what you eat seriously, you won’t make the type of progress you deserve from all your hard work. Eating right just doesn’t happen and when you are trying to lose fat and maximize the loss, every bite counts!

Y’all know I recommend using programs and apps like and MyMacros+. They are free or cheap and super easy. Contact me if you need help setting up a plan for your goals. I can help you dial in a calorie target and macros.

For a screencast on setting up MFP, CLICK HERE.

Recording Your Measurements

Finally, you will really kick yourself later if you don’t track your bodily measurements. Photos are a MUST! Take them every 30 days. Even if you never show them to anyone but your dog, take them. Password protect the folder on your computer even. Just take them!

Along with taking photos, record some basic measurements too. People are different, so you may want to record more or less, but a good starting point is to record your weight, %BF (more on that later), waist, arms, and legs. Now I know a lot of people like to use the tape to record all of the bodily measurements, that is great too. I just stick with a few. And honestly, I stick mainly to %BF and weight.

Now I know a lot of people like to use the tape to record all of the bodily measurements, that is great too. I just stick with a few. And honestly, I stick mainly to %BF and weight.

Those are my metrics, along with the mirror test. If  I am working on leaning out, do I like the way I look? If my calipers tell me I am at 7% bodyfat, who cares? Am I happy with the mirror? Why would I stop just because I set the goal of a somewhat an arbitrary number for my BF? If I don’t think I am lean enough, I will keep working. Don’t get too fixated on the numbers either. Use them for trends and for reference points. Progress, progress. Look, feel, health, can do, abilities, strength. All great measures of success.


Keep track of as much as you can. You will never regret having the info, but it can be sad to want to know how something has changed and have no way to ever be sure. Three hole punch it and keep a binder. Pull the pages and staple them after each round.

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