Midweek Motivation: From the teamRIPPED Nation!

Hey teamRIPPED! How’s your week going? I know for a lot of people it can be hard to keep your motivation up. Right off the bat it’s pretty easy to stay pumped up about your program, nutrition, and workouts. Over time that initial excitement can fade and you need to find ways to stay motivated. I’ve blogged a lot about where I find motivation, the reasons “why” I keep going, but I thought it might be good for the whole teamRIPPED nation to motivate one another.

The teamRIPPED Nation Midweek Motivation!

Here’s the idea. Every Wednesday (if able) I’d like to post a collection of motivational quotes and pictures from the teamRIPPED nation. You’ve probably all seen them but there are tons of motivational workout graphics with quotes floating around. Make sure they are appropriate. If you find one that hits home and really motivates you, save it and email it to me. I’d love to also include current progress pictures from members of the teamRIPPED Nation. These can be of you working out, current before-and-after’s, or just you using your new level of fitness in a cool way.

Each week I will go through what I find on the web and what you guys send me and compile a post of these motivational pictures. I can’t think of a better way to help you push through each week than seeing and reading motivation from all across our team.

REQUIREMENTS – Must follow to be considered

To have your motivational quotes and pictures considered, attach them to an email and send them to coachwayne@teamRIPPED.com. You MUST use the subject line “MIDWEEK MOTIVATION” to be considered. I have a feeling this may add a lot of emails to my inbox and I have to have an easy way to organize them.

What: Motivation Pics/Quotes/Progress Photos

Where:  coachwayne@teamripped.com


So show me what you got! Here’s a quick teaser post of some motivation for me and a few members of teamRIPPED and the R1PP3D Challenge!




Jeff Lennon – All around BEAST!



Chris Coburn – Never done. 



Classic Brian Nopper – Asylum Legend!



 David Jeffries – no problem giving blood.



Shawn Swisher – Beast SIZED arms. 



I couldn’t not check in with ya’ll! I’m busy getting ready for summer. Loving the Beast/Cardio Hyrbid. Dig deep and BRING IT teamRIPPED!


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Hey Coach. I finished week 1 Asylum 2. I screwed up most of my nutrition before I went to sleep. Do I keep going or start over? and what advice do you have for resisting late night eating?


What about the famous ' It's not where you start, it's where you finish ' quote for this Wednesday coming up!


Great post coach! Just another way to show how committed everyone on this team is!


Great idea Wayne.  I've been posting Motivational quotes for awhile now on my MFP site, I love to find that special one that really hits home.


midweek awesomeness! lol. I love this! I'll be starting the BAXX2 hybrid monday. I gotta catch up :)


I am still in!  Thanks for the pick up..


Great post and great idea....this just relit the fire that was burning out. The mid week burn out that usually leads to the Friday crash...Thanks coach!



Love the motivational quotes Coach!  I try and post some of these on regular basis as well.  There are so many good ones and somehow the really good ones are timely for me when I see them.


Thanks for the shout out too.

CoachWayne moderator

 @KhaledEldeeb Keep going and just commit fully. You have be dedicated because temptation will always be there. Brush your teeth early, save a favorite snack that is planned your day, DRINK WATER! Just stick to your plan.

CoachWayne moderator

 @pgp90xer Thanks! Send over any pics/videos/quotes to me and I'd love to feature them!

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