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The R1PP3D Challenge is here!!!

It’s time to drop all the excuses, all the starting and stopping, all the “no this is really my Day 1.” It’s time to get R1PP3D and make it last.

TeamRIPPED is no stranger to challenges. We have had some of the best. We’ve proven time and time again that challenge groups work, and the results people get from the teamRIPPED Challenge groups last a lifetime. This isn’t about sticking with it for a couple weeks or a few months for a round of P90X. No, this about making a lifestyle change that is truly a change for life. Just look at what teamRIPPED has been able to do.

Do you remember the Asylum Legends? They destroyed some other “team” that tired to bring it. Check them out: The Asylum Legends Team Video

What about the X2 Crew? That sure got people ripped. People were turning PRO left and right. Our team’s video:  X2 Crew Team Video and All our individual videos

And who could forget the Misfits. Those crazy misfits are still bringing hard every day. Go back and see what happens when you commit: The Misfit’s Transformations



The R1PP3D Challenge – ’13 is your year

So what about this new challenge? The R1PP3D Challenge is about making a lasting change. I am asking you to make a commitment for the entire year. If you are doing 90 day programs, that will be 4 programs throughout 2013. So many people do well for a couple weeks, or maybe even a full 3 months, but slowly they fade back to their odd habits and lifestyle.  The weight comes back and they are right where they started or even worse. The R1PP3D Challenge is about making a lasting change. Change the course of your health and life. Change the example that you are setting for your children. Change the type of husband or wife you are to your spouse. It’s time to make a real and lasting change.

Are you ready to say ENOUGH!?  Are you ready to make ’13 the year that you change the course of your life?  If so, come join us.  If you aren’t serious about a lifestyle change, this isn’t your group.  We have several team groups that are perfect for helping you stay motivated as you go through a specific workout program (see our FB accountability groups HERE, in item #5).  But if you want to go beyond just committing to one workout program, and actually commit to a LIFE CHANGE, I will support you every step of the way.  I want this group to be the place where we form long term connections with like-minded people who will challenge us, encourage us, and share this journey with us.

Requirements to be part of the R1PP3D Challenge

1.) You must be a member of teamRIPPED,  a teamRIPPED Coach, or your coach is a teamRIPPED Coach.  (If you aren’t sure about this, see below).

2.) Commit to the the whole year of 2013! We will start with 90 days (or 60 days depending on your program of choice), but it won’t be over when 90 days is done…

3.) Commit to daily plugging in on the R1PP3D Challenge Facebook group.

4.) Commit to using a Beachbody program to make your transformations. If you aren’t using a Beachbody program or hybrid of BB programs, this challenge is not for you. No hard feelings, but this is for BB programs only.  All BB programs are welcome (P90X, X2, Insanity, Asylum, Body Beast, Power 90, ChaLean Extreme, Turbo Fire, Les Mills Pump, Combat, etc.)

5.) Make 2103 YOUR YEAR!

Join The R1PP3D Challenge

So to join, just make sure you are a part of teamRIPPED and then head over to request to join our Facebook group. Make sure you have your program ready, Shakeology in the blender, and full commitment to a new you. 2013 is your year, if you make it your year! Join teamRIPPED and change you life.


*** If you have requested to join the group and have not been added, there could be a few reasons why. Mainly there is a lot of checking to do for making this a teamRIPPED Challenge. Otherwise, make sure you help me out if one of the following describes you. I will send anyone a Facebook message that doesn’t come up on a search of our team. Check your “OTHER” tab in Facebook messages.

1.) Is your Facebook name the name you signed up for teamRIPPED with?

2.) Are you an international member?

3.) Are you not yet a member? This challenge is for teamRIPPED members only. If you’d like to join you can make me your coach (if you don’t already have a coach or Team Beachbody account) is to click here =


It will direct you to set up a free Team Beachbody account, and I will already be selected as your coach.

If you already have a Team Beachbody account, you will have to make a coach “switch” to choose me, which involves sending an email to telling them you want WAYNE WYATT 180334, at to be your coach. Then CC me on the email so I can follow up with them and be sure the switch is made.

4.) Even if I am not your coach, you can still be part of this challenge as long as your coach is on the teamRIPPED coaching team. So just tell me who your coach is so I can make record of it.

Get ready to make ’13 the best year of your life!  I plan on it!  I turn 40 this coming year (gulp!!), and I want to be able to put fellas to shame who are half my age! LOL.  Gotta go hard!!!  You with me?



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