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Worry About Results

We all can spend a lot of time worrying. It is easy to do, but is it time well spent? HECK NO! It is always a waste! People have been doing it forever too. Even 2,000 years ago Jesus had to address it with his disciples, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Being stressed out and full of worry has never made my life easier. I have not once thought, “I am so glad I got all worked up about that, it sure made everything happen more smoothly.” There are so many things in our lives that are out of our control, and at the same time, there are many that we can impact. Determining what areas we can truly impact frees us to make worthwhile decisions and use our time, energy, and efforts for things that really matter. Let’s get rid of worry!

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The End Results

Will this work and the end results are a big worry to a lot of people. Can you right now know exactly what it will be like on day 90, 180, or 365? No. So why worry about those specific times? Can you change what you do this day, what you have for the next meal, or what drink in the next 15 minutes? You bet! Those are the decisions that will ultimately determine your Day 90, 180, and so on but we can’t jump through time and know exactly what it will be like at the end of our first round. So we trust the system. We know what we can do to positively impact today. I hope it’s not hard to trust, just take a look at the teamRIPPED Nation and our Before/After gallery. Before and Afters can be a little deceiving though. You aren’t able to see the days, weeks, and months between the book end photos. But talk to any one of the gallery’s members and they can tell about the days that were sandwiched between the photos. Choices to skip birthday cakes, changing their wake up time to workout, and pushing past the immediate for the ultimate. The end is worth it, but so is the journey. It fortifies your will and desire to make a real change.

What can you “worry” about?

Nutrition – Putting time into dialing in your nutrition is the single thing that will have the most impact on your results. If we know that, if we believe that, then we can’t see it as wasted time. Finding the appropriate deficit, tracking our food, and recording our changes is what makes the seemingly unrealistic results so typical for teamRIPPED. Nutrition like Shakeology takes even more worry out too. Especially while on Fat Shredder, I didn’t once worry that I wasn’t getting enough variety in my diet or all of my nutrients. I continue to be worry free because of Shakeology too!

*What’s too much “worry”? Don’t go overboard! Don’t second guess every decision and never stick with a plan long enough to evaluate its effectiveness. For example, give changes to an existing diet at the very least a week or two to see how your body responds. Being honest and tracking everything will then give you a true picture of how your adjustments have worked. Don’t worry, WORK!

Exercise – It is fine to put a little mental effort here too. Find a consistent time to workout. Make the changes you need to allow that to happen. Track your weights, reps, efforts, etc. Again, if you are keeping good records, you can progress at a much more predictable rate and know how your efforts have impacted your outcomes.

*What’s too much “worry”? Thinking that if I just do this one workout, or if I only have this other program, it will all be different. The type of program will determine some of your results (ex. Weight lifting will produce more lean muscle than cardio only) but just get after it! If you only have P90X, and can’t afford anything else, don’t waste a second worrying that the super hybrid of P90X/X2/X3/Max30/Asylum/LMP/BBL/SlimIn6/UR/Insanity/BodyBeast would make all the difference. No, your consistent effort is what will make the difference! If you are wasting energy worrying, you are taking away from what you could put towards the things you can actually change. If you can’t afford more weight, do more reps! Go heavier on earlier exercises and really pre-fatigue your muscles. Don’t worry, WORK!

Supplements – I hesitate even putting this here. I know a lot of people WASTE tons of time and money on supplements, thinking this is the end all in their fitness journey. Let me stress simplicity here. Spend time with your nutrition. Don’t expect any supplement to turn your from fat to fit. If that was truly the case, you’d know about it… and everyone would be using it! Supplements sell that fairytale all the time, but those fitness models have all put in the time and work to look like that (and many times they’ve had other help from “sports science”). Can supplements maximize your results? Yes. Will they make or break your results? No. Pick things that help your efforts and take the worry away. Many of you know this, but my only “Must Have” items are Shakeology and whey (or another protein powder). They both take the worry away and help you easily meet my nutritional goals. Put in the time and don’t waste time on wishing for magic pills.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Will your end results be exactly like mine? No. They will be yours! You can be the absolute best you, if you focus on what you truly have control over and forget the rest of the garbage that so easily worries us. Thanks to Paul B for inspiring this post. He has worried in the past, he shared some of his thoughts like… “the results work for other people, but not me…I am different” or “people got those results by doing something extra than what they are say.” It can be hard to think you just need to follow what is written, but the only reason we all at one time thought these results aren’t typical is because we had never experienced success like this before! Trust the system and you will taste success. You’ll be changing your thoughts and worry to “these results work for other people AND for me… I am no different than the teamRIPPED Nation” and “people got those results by TRUSTING the system and putting in the work!” Don’t worry, WORK!

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