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Picking a workout for your goals is key. There are overlaps between programs but in all, there are certain programs that are better suited for specific goals than others. This shouldn’t be shocking. For example – you probably don’t want to do Country Heat if your goal is to compete in a bodybuilding show. You want to match your program to your goals and interests.

#1 MOTIVATION in picking a program.

This gets overlooked but don’t pick a program if it doesn’t interest you or fire you up at all! If doing only cardio like in Insanity makes you want to get sick, then pick a program with some weights! If listening to Sagi puts you to sleep LOL then find a trainer you connect with! We can set up your nutrition goals to match what you want to do with your weight and BF, but you want to look forward to working out.

This is where Beachbody On Demand is a great tool. You can try it all! It’s really the Netflix of fitness. So check it out!


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So I can’t answer this for you… but what is your main goal?

  • Do you want to just lose BF and get ripped?
  • Do you want some muscle mass too?
  • Do you want to get strong for Spartan Races or Tough Mudders?
  • Do you want to be better for sports?
  • Do you LOVE dancing?
  • Do you just want to have fun and break a sweat without equipment?

All of those are great questions to ask yourself when picking out a program.


  • Body Beast
  • P90X, X2, X3, 1-on-1s
  • Asylum Vol 1 and 2
  • Hammer and Chisel

CARDIO to the MAX with some Resistance

  • 21DF and 21DF Extreme
  • 22MHC
  • Focus T25
  • Insanity
  • MAX 30
  • Core de Force

#3 Equipment Requirements

Some Beachbody programs require more gear than others. P90X2 takes A LOT of great to do by the book. So can Beast. So be aware of that. Here is a quick list of what you need for certain programs.

I have dumbbells, a pull up bar, some bands, and a place to workout.

  • P90X, X2 (with mods), X3 (with some mods), BEAST (with mods), Hammer and Chisel, Focus T25, Insanity, MAX30, The Asylum Series, 21DF, 21DF Extreme, 22MHC, etc.

I don’t have any gear…

  • Insanity, MAX30, Core De Force, CIZE, PIYO, Country Heat

Extra equipment you can add to really get the most out of these programs would be: an adjustable bench, stability ball, med balls, speed rope, agility ladder, EZ bar and weights.

#4 Can’t decide on one? Pick a hybrid!

Maybe you have done a few programs before and still want something new… that is where I have been! The newer programs haven’t always matched my goals, so I made hybrids! Check out a lot of my creations below.


Coach Wayne's Hybrids

Get the best lifting, hardest cardio, and a perfect amount of recovery.

Whatever you pick! Make it what you want and realize that certain programs will be better suited for your goals than others. Get in there and push play today! Make a plan and stick with it. We are the sum of our efforts!

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