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What is up teamRIPPED?! Are y’all still bringing it? Summer is coming, so the work we do now is what is going to show come June and July. Dig deep and get it done!

Balance, Balance, Balance

I am thankful for balance this week. Just last week I got to get away with my wife and it was just what we needed. I know as a husband, busy parent, and business owner I need time away. And I need time where I am pouring into my marriage. Don’t neglect the important things in your life as you go on your fitness journey. You are doing this teamRIPPED stuff to make yourself better in LIFE – not for it to become your life!

Nutrition is KING

Not that anyone here could forget LOL but let me ask you something, HOW’S YOUR NUTRITION GOING?

Some of you may be sick of hearing me talk about Nutrition by now, but it really is the most critical part to getting the results we are after.  If you want average results, put in average effort on the nutrition.  If you want AMAZING results, commit to the nutrition.  Want to build muscle?  You need the right nutrition to make it happen.  Want to lose body fat?  You need the right nutrition to make that happen too!  The workouts are set for you.  You just push play!  But what about the other 23 hours of the day?  You have to take those 23 hours just as seriously!

If you haven’t you need to start here: and start with DIALING IT IN – that will get you on your way!

Make your time count!

I hope y’all have a great weekend. Make the time count and don’t let off. You got this!

Coach Wayne



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