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How’d your week go teamRIPPED? Are you seeing results? Is the upcoming weekend make you a little scared?

I wanted to go a whole blog on this but it’s too good to hold back. My buddy and fellow coach, Lance Lyell posted this eye-opener this week on Facebook. Take a read!

“Not seeing results? This is a big reason why for so many people. 5 out of 7 days may feel like progress when in reality it’s not. If you’re going to relax on the weekends make sure it’s within reason. It’s so easy to quickly go from calorie deficit to a calorie surplus and undo all your hard work then wonder why the scale isn’t moving.”

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I have seen this over and over with people on teamRIPPED. You work so hard to be on track all week, only to throw it away on the weekend. Worse yet, maybe you go really over on the weekend and manage to gain weight! Don’t throw away your hard work!

Each day adds to your progress…

Don’t forget this in the midst of your hard work. You are building a long-running, consistent average. So every day on track, with your workout, is moving you closer to your end goals. Know I would give you a big high five if we were hanging out and you showed me your MFP log on point, told me you crushed Chest and Back, and drank that water. That is a WIN! Feel proud of that and then do it again… Momentum will quickly be on your side!

Bring it TR! And keep inspiring others to do the same!

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Keep bringing it and inspiring others to do the same gang!!

Wayne Wyatt


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