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How is your January going?!

Welcome to the winter teamRIPPED! Time just keeps going and man it is cold. One way or another today is going to pass… it’s always up to us to decide how to use it! Are you going to make the most out of today? Will today be one more day closer to your goals? It can be! But you have to make it happen.

We should all be locked and loaded right now. The great thing as we are moving towards February is we normally have a good long streak without any big holidays. Get dialed in and stay dialed in. No excuses about the holidays or parties. Let’s just do it! Once you feel and experience the momentum of sticking to your nutrition plan and pushing play, you won’t be able to stop. But you have to build up a streak to make that happen! So keep the streak alive :-) Yea, I’m still getting on you for that!


Seemed a little light around here this week didn’t it? I had my post scheduling plugin mess up. So the content I wrote for this week is now staged for next week! Thank you for everyone that has given me suggestions on posts. I have some good ones coming just for you!

Keep Plugged In!

In always amazes me a little bit when I get an email from someone who I connected with all the time and then they dropped off. I know things happen, but never let yourself think you can’t reach out to me! I am here to help and I love to hear how you are doing! Even if you don’t have a question, just email me or leave a comment with how you are doing! It makes my day to connect with y’all! You better not try to do this on your own ;-) What fun is that!

Have a great weekend and make sure to head over to the TR Suggestion Box and let me know if there is something you want to read about on teamRIPPED!


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