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How are you preparing for Halloween? Ready to make it through without falling to temptation? Are you already in danger, with candy all over the house? Get a plan and take action!

If the candy around the house is just going to be too tempting, get rid of it! All of it. Do it right now, it’s not worth undoing your hard work. Sometimes the best thing to do when faced with temptation is to run away from it! Don’t play with it and think you can beat it. Admit where you struggle and take action.

Making this a LIFESTYLE

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This made me think of a post I originally posted a couple years ago. Lasting, lifelong results are made and maintained each and every day! This doesn’t mean you will have to eat at a deficit the rest of your life, or that you will have to be on Fat Shredder forever. All this means is you need to keep going to maintain! If you go back to your old life, you will get your old BEFORE results back again.

Check out Keeping Weight Off For LIFE. Get a plan for where you want to go next and set some realistic expectations for what life will be like! I can tell you, you will never want to go back.


ICYMI I released a new hybrid this week with all of the BEAST, all the time! I still love Sagi’s workouts and I am so glad that BOD has given me access to them all and new ones like the Week of Hard Labor. If you want a challenge and lots of lifting, this is for you!

Check out the ALL SAGI Hybrid

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Coach Wayne

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