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WHERE DID JUNE GO?! I hope y’all are having a great summer. I love getting your emails and gettin’ to point you in the right direction with workouts, nutrition, and supplements. When you nail all 3, you are in for RIPPED results. Never think you have to go it alone. I am just an email or FB message away at all times!

This last weekend I got to do something special with my kids – Luke and Emmy. They took on their first ever OCR (obstacle course race) for Emmy, Luke, and Luke’s buddy Kendale. They all crushed it and had a blast! So glad my kids have caught the passion for adventure!

Getting Out of Ruts

Are you feelin’ like you are in a rut? There are times when you just need to redirect and refocus on something smaller. I was reminded this week of a program that does just that:


It’s hands down the best 30 day, fat shredded, kick your butt program out there. You will never work harder and never get more out of 30 days. If you goal all crazy and do the Asylum meal plan, expect unreal results. I got brought back to this program as I took a trip down memory lane with the original Asylum Crazies. I will be able to see a bunch of these guys in a couple weeks at Beachbody’s annual convention called SUMMIT.

I will get all the news from BB  at Summit and pass it along to you! Look for me to be posting some more videos as well. I will get to be there with my good buddy David and he loves video LOL So be on the look out!

Keep strong this weekend! Resist the urge to splurge on the 4th of July. Have fun, but track it and get that workout in.

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