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Man this week flew by! The one perk to keeping busy is that time really does move! I am excited for another weekend.

I got quite a few emails this week with teamRIPPEDers sending in their updated results. That fires me up every time! Y’all are putting the work and earning the results. If you are in the middle of your program, keep your eyes on the prize. The daily work you are doing will all compound and the results are coming. Don’t forget to take your day 30, 60, and 90 pics and measurements. Put those side by side if you need a pick me up. Seeing changes day to day can be tough, but when you separate them by 30 or 60 days, they jump off the screen!

And don’t forget about non-scale victories. I was reminded of that this week. Don’t let 1 thing like the number on the scale dictate your success and happiness. Your victory is much more than 1 number. Ask yourself these questions: How are my clothes fitting? How am I feeling? Do I have more energy? How are my workouts going? Am I doing more reps and weight? What’s my BF% doing? That will give you a complete picture of your results.

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Thanks for everyone that has told me they voted! We are hoping he can pull it off! Go check out: for his story and a link to go vote. You can vote once a day.

Push Hard this Weekend!

Weekends are tough! People fall off.  I don’t know if you aren’t tracking, just forget, or what. But people always seem to mess up the worst over the weekend. If weekends are tough for you, I challenge you to make this weekend different! PUSH HARD THIS WEEKEND! Go into Monday with a full head of steam and tons of pride knowing you are closer to your goals. If you need a boost right now, this Weekend Motivation for you!

I’m here bringing it with you! Let’s do it teamRIPPED!

Coach Wayne


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