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Hey teamRIPPED!!

2017 is upon us!  I love it! This is the time of the year when it’s easiest to focus on our health and fitness, primarily because many have spent the past 2 months neglecting it completely and now their clothes don’t fit LOL!  It’s that good old “New Years Resolution” time.  And hey, I’m not knocking it, because it was a New Years Resolution in 2010 that got me started on my fitness path, and I have been rocking it ever since.


Don’t call this a resolution, cuz we all know that resolutions are just a short term “wish”.  A Resolution is a GOAL.  And GOALS can be motivating and good, but they can also make you feel like a failure and seem so unattainable that you instead give up.  This is tragic!  Sure, I had goals when I started working out with P90X in 2010, but I also had a PROCESSI committed 100% to the PROCESS.  I was going to do the daily workout and follow the daily nutrition plan.  I couldn’t control WHEN I would reach my goal, or what the exact results would be, but I could definitely stick to the process every day.  And instead of feeling like I won’t be happy until I reach the goal, I could feel a sense of accomplishment every single day that I stuck with the process!

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Are you still trying to decide which workout program is the best fit for you?  If buying equipment is an obstacle, a great new option is CORE DE FORCE. If you love MMA style training, this is the workout for you. Bundle that with Shakeology and you have the perfect system to get ripped in December.

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Keep bringing it and inspiring others to do the same gang!!

Wayne Wyatt

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