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I swear, I am like a kid in a candy shop as I put together hybrid workouts.  I get to design it to meet my goals (whatever they are for the next 3 months or so), and I get to pick my favorite workouts to get me there.  I haven’t done a hybrid in a LONG time, so I have been chomping at the bit to design one again.

It’s winter, and I like the idea of focusing on muscle building / bulking during the winter, and then shifting my focus to more cardio / cutting in the summer.  It gives me new goals to shoot for and fits with my lifestyle.  I am outside and active a lot during the summer, and I want to be chiseled and in great cardio conditioning for cycling, mud runs, and other fun events.  In the winter, I have the perfect opportunity to really push hard for strength and size gains.

So with my BAAX2 hybrid, it’s all about getting strong!  I have designed it strategically to give me 5 lift days per week, with 1 cardio day and one Ab-only day.  Time to blast the muscle groups!

I love the combination workouts like Chest & Back, Chest Back and Balance, and Total Body workouts, but with those you CAN’T lift the following day.  You must give muscle groups a day off after working them out.  Thus, my hybrid has none of those combo lift days …. they are all focused lift days so that I can lift again (with different muscle groups) the following day.  For instance, if I do Beast Back and Bi’s on Monday, I can come right back on Tuesday for Beast Chest and Tris.  You’ll see more as you look at the hybrid (but ask if you don’t understand).

I don’t want to totally lose my cardio conditioning so I’m still hitting one Asylum workout per week just to kick my butt!  I picked my favorite Asylum cardio workouts from Volume 1 to achieve this = Vertical Plyo, Speed and Agility, and Gameday.

I have an “Old School” training block to start my BAXX2 hybrid, focused primarily on P90X workouts.  It’s muscle building 101 people!  I did need a shoulder workout to mix in, so I hijacked a Tony Horton 1-on-1 (Diamond Delts) that has always been one of my favorites.

In training block 2, it’s all about doing whatever it takes with Sagi and the Body Beast.  And then I finish up the BAXX2 hybrid with a training block of P90X2 to tear the roof off!!!

I have always felt that X2 is the most comprehensive program for stretching, recovery, and yoga, so my recovery weeks are all based on X2.

If you want to use this as a template for your own hybrid, go for it.  Or if you want to go step for step with me, let’s go!  I’m going to start this bad boy for New Years, and I’ll be plugging in with our teamR1PP3D Facebook group (name TBD).  So come get some!

Wayne’s 2013 BAXX2 Hybrid (Excel)

Wayne’s 2013 BAXX2 Hybrid (PDF)

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