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World Vegan Day is November 1st.  So what better time to have the LAUNCH DAY for our 60 day teamRIPPED Vegan Challenge!!!  Are you ready???  Like I’ve said in my previous articles on this topic, I don’t expect this vegan challenge to be for everyone.  Many of you are on the fat shredder diet and working hard on that.  Many of you have no interest in giving up meat / dairy / animal proteins at all.

But many of you, like myself, are interested in a whole food plant based diet for not only the “outward” benefits (lower body fat, more energy, more endurance, stronger performance, less need to track calories and %) but also the “inward” benefits (less disease, lower risk of cancers, long term health).

So without further ado, I am opening up our private facebook group, “teamRIPPED Vegan Challenge”, to everyone who is interested in spending the next 60 days on a whole food plant based diet.  You can do it whether you are trying to lose body fat, gain muscle, or anything in between.  The vegan approach has lots of options.  And you can all decide to what extent you want to “go vegan” — all the way, most of the way, or part way. We have access to some great experts, lots of recipes, and each other as we go through 60 days … and beyond … to learn about how our bodies can be their very best with a plant based diet.  I’m excited to see what I learn in the next 60 days and how my results stack up to where I am now.  I’m also excited to see the results of others who participate in this challenge who have a variety of goals from losing body fat to gaining muscle.  Let’s see how a WFPB diet can be tailored to all of these goals!

I don’t have “rules” to be part of this learning process, other than the rule to come into this group with an open mind, a good attitude, and with a desire to get along!  I don’t want people in the group who’s purpose is to cause fights between viewpoints.  I know there are multiple viewpoints.  This private group isn’t the place for that debate.  That’s not our purpose.  If you are curious and want to learn, want to get answers to your questions and concerns, and want to evaluate the research behind a whole food plant based diet, then please come join us!  It’s okay if you are skeptical!   That doesn’t disqualify you from joining us.  I was skeptical too!  But I’ve kept an open mind and have already learned a lot, and seen some good results in my own health, fitness level, energy, and strength in just the few weeks that I’ve been experimenting.

I do have a couple tips that I want you to all pay attention to!!  Don’t immediately join and start asking all kinds of questions.  This group has been open to several of my coach friends for over a month now, and we’ve got tons of great stuff on there that you can look at first.  It will be total chaos if a bunch of new people all join and start asking the same basic questions.  So get your feet wet first!!! 

1)  —  Look in the “DOCS” (linked at the top of our private group) — we have Q&A, recipes for meals, recovery drinks, preworkouts, etc. all in the DOCS section.

2)  — Also, do a “search” for any item you you want to learn about (you can “search this group” for any keyword and see all the discussion threads that have been discussed already about that keyword.

3)  — Finally, listen to the 2 team calls we already had with our coaches and Monica Parodi which give tons of tips, Q&A, and thoughts to get you going.  Here’s the link to those 2 calls =

So now that I’ve given you the tips to make this group a success, here’s the link to our private FB page, where you will have to ask to join and wait for an admin like myself to approve you =

teamRIPPED Vegan Challenge

Who said vegans have to be little skinny hippies?  I am going to prove that you can be PLANT STRONG!!! :-)


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