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Excuses, excuses, excuses… I hate excuses!

When it comes to weight loss and getting fit, I have heard them all! As the years have gone by with teamRIPPED, I collected some of my most hated excuses and want to show you how to beat them! Maybe you can help someone close to you overcome these excuses.

Coach Wayne’s Top 3 Excuses

#1) I DON’T HAVE THE TIME – Coming in HOT! Oh, how I hate this excuse. It really gets me going. Each and every person has the same amount of time in a day. Granted some of us have more expectations during the day than others, but I have yet to met anyone who truly doesn’t have the time to work out.

I have 6 kids, run an orthodontic practice with 3 offices, and run teamRIPPED. Do you think I am kicking my feet up with extra time?! No way! It comes down to what I have decided are my priorities and making my time work for me (yes I am making this happen – I control it). How do I do it? I get up early. Before anyone else, I get up and read my Bible and then go get my workout in.

That has implications for the rest of my day too. I don’t waste time with TV and movies. I don’t throw hours away playing video games. And I have to get to bed at a decent hour. But my workouts are worth it. I have decided what is most important and I have given it the top priority.

#2) I can’t eat this or that! I don’t like… – As much as I hate the excuse of no time, this one gets me going too LOL What are you 7? Really?! Are you a little kid and poor baby has never been made to eat something they don’t like? GROW UP!

I think a lot of us get picky with our eating cuz we eat crap all day long. Good tasting, fat and sugar-packed crap. We get addicted to it! Then we start feeling entitled to eat it cuz it’s our reward. We work hard and sure enough, we are going to treat ourselves. If it wasn’t bad enough that you were a big baby, are you now a puppy? Do a little trick and get a treat?!

Hear me loud and clear, this was me! But I made a decision to pick my ultimate goals over instant impulses. These habits can be hard to break, but why are you doing this anyway? It’s about picking your HARD.

  • Being fat is hard.
  • Sleeping bad cuz you are fat is hard.
  • Having your joints and back hurt cuz you’re fat is hard.
  • Being self-conscience around everyone is hard.
  • Not being able to keep up with your kids cuz you’re overweight is hard.

What HARD are you prepared to live with?

#3) I don’t have the money. – Man, all of these are getting me fired up! I have met few people that truly don’t have the money. Sure some have very little extra cash to spend each month, but since I started teamRIPPED, this excuse has just got weaker and weaker. Here are a list of things that take little to NO MONEY –

  • Joining teamRIPPED and emailing me (No computer? Go to the library!)
  • Tracking what you eat on MyFitnessPal (Just worry about calories and keep a deficit – again, tech issue – use the library)
  • Get free workouts on places like and YouTube – look for BW only workouts.
  • Spend the $10/mo and get BOD for all access to every BB program.
  • Go for a walk/jog/run, do push ups, do sit ups, do squats. Ask me for a schedule to follow!

Beyond that with little/no money, almost everytime someone push the money excuse, you can see what they really spend it on. If you want this, and you want to do a Beachbody program, how do you get $100 or so to cover that cost? Let me ask you some questions… do you have:

  • Cable TV – Easy $60-100/mo
  • HULU, Netflix, Amazon – $10/mo per
  • Party/Go Out on the Weekend? What $50-100/night
  • Eat out at lunch – Fast Food $6-10 a time
  • …and the list goes on.

Again it comes down to WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you actually want to make a change or does it make you feel good to say you tried but the big bad mean world is keeping you down? Your life is just too tough and no one understands. Y’all know I love you, but I love you enough to push you to more. Loving you wouldn’t be leaving you in the same place. I want the best for you!

Get after it teamRIPPED!

Coach Wayne

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